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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Don't bite the hand that feeds you

The petition might not seem like much, but at least it shows basic respect for Sodexo workers. Frankly, that’s not something that we see enough on campus.

What we talk about when we talk about homelessness

Many of us are taught to think of homelessness as different, separate from us in every possible way. We often fail to recognize that homeless people are, in fact, people.

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Homelessness on Campus

Boston is a city divided: on the one hand, it is filled with many affluent college students. On the other hand, over 6,000 people are homeless.

An exercise in broken trust

Emerson’s repeated claims to have zero-tolerance for sexual assault and discrimination, but reparations to its own policy addressing these exact problems continue to be pushed aside.

Students talk media representation

How has representation of a certain group improved in TV and film? What can be done better?

Emerson put my sexual assaulter before me

Emerson College administrators seem to think that what I went through was not painful enough. Maybe if he left marks around my neck when he had me in a headlock, or maybe if someone saw it happen, they would have acted differently.

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Streaming beyond the mainstream

Overall queer representation in television is improving, but there is still a long way to go when many queer people still can’t see themselves on screen.

Teaching cultural competency goes both ways

It is not the duty of students to carry the weight of reformed social inequality in the classroom, nor should it be—we should be able to rely on our educators to do their research.

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Say my name: recognizing trans identities

Referring to a transgender individual by their birth name, or “dead name,” can be upsetting and disturbing. It is also a problem that was never supposed to happen in the first place.

Hardware presents a hard choice

When incoming students are instructed to drop thousands on a computer with little prior warning, it becomes an issue of classism.

A student's take on student orgs

Although I’ve been an Emerson student for a year, the achievements of student-led endeavours continue to astound me.

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Busy students can't afford to buy time

For a school so concerned with the overcommitment of its students, the assumption that they would have time for four hours of meetings on weekdays seems counterintuitive.

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Activism for applause or for a cause?

If our current president is any indication, the line separating entertainment and politics grows blurrier every day, and it’s difficult not to notice the surge in socially-conscious celebrities.

Dude, where's my DH?

When we left school at the end of the spring semester, it was the last time we would see the campus to which we had grown accustomed.