4 hours ago

    Women’s soccer loses conference home opener to Springfield

    The women’s soccer team fell to Springfield College 2-1 in its conference home opener Saturday afternoon.   Emerson dominated possession…
    4 days ago

    Women’s volleyball looks to build on 2017 successes

    The women’s volleyball team added five new freshmen and lost one senior after missing out on the playoffs last year…
    4 days ago

    Freshman goalkeeper secures starting role early on

    Freshman goalkeeper Megan Rose cemented her position as the starter early on for Emerson’s women’s soccer team. In the New…
    1 week ago

    Women’s volleyball loses NEWMAC home opener

    After the injury ofa star freshman, Emerson’s women’s volleyball team lost 3-1 against the United States Coast Guard Academy on…
    1 week ago

    Men’s soccer drops conference opener to Clark

    Clark University outplayed the Emerson’s men’s soccer team in the Lions’ New England Women’s and Men’s Athletic Conference opener Friday…


    • Editorial

      EDITORIAL: Emerson’s plastic straw conundrum

      At issue: Emerson revamps its image. Our take: Change doesn’t always mean progress. On July 9, 2018, Starbucks announced the company will slowly faze out single-use, plastic straws in favor of lids or alternative-material straws to reduce pollution. Starbucks enacted this even though the Ocean Conservancy’s Coastal Cleanup Report stated plastic straws amount to 3 percent of trash found on beaches worldwide.…

    • Opinion

      Op-ed: Professors should emphasize ECAPS on day one

      I felt confused and lonely after I missed a week of class due to suicidal thoughts. When I explained my situation to the counselors at Emerson Counseling and Psychological Services, they sent me to the hospital. The ECAPS staff told me they emailed my professors, who excused me from class that week. I went home, took the week off, and regained…

    • Opinion

      Op-ed: Honesty is the best policy for periods

      One morning last spring, I was lying in bed, feeling drained and dizzy, with an excessive amount of lower abdominal pain. It was the second day of my period. As I began an email to my professor that explained my absence, I paused. Was I really going to tell my professor I was on my period? In my experience, there…

    • Editorial

      EDITORIAL: Change still needed with co-curricular organizations

      At issue: Student workload increases Our take: Don’t take advantage of us Student organizations are a huge aspect of Emerson culture. And the system was pretty loose. For example, at the Beacon, if you contributed on a regular basis and worked in the publication, you could earn a non-tuition credit. Now, after a process that took over a year, co-curricular…

    • Opinion

      Op-ed: New students share first impressions of Emerson

      Starting at Emerson, or any college, is a daunting experience for many students. We reached out by email and on social media to ask new students: “It’s the first few weeks of your college experience here at Emerson. What are your expectations for your first semester? What is something you learned about yourself so far that’s surprised you? Has life at…

    • Opinion

      Op-ed: Emerson can’t settle for the status quo

      On the first day of my freshman year, I discovered one of my suitemates was mixed race, just like me. She was one of the few people I’d met who could understand my confusion at navigating my multiracial identity. In my honors class, I met another girl of Middle Eastern descent and more queer people than I’d ever witnessed in…