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Alumni tackle taboo topics on The Wet Seat podcast

Ashley Cunningham ‘16, always felt people should be more open about sex.

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ASIA showcases storytellers in annual gala

“There is this need for a platform or venue for Asian-American and Pacific Islander identifying students to showcase their work,” Moriya said.

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Storytelling group delves into freshman fiascos

Ramos has been trying to figure out a way to bring people together to talk about their past experiences for a while and decided last month that this would be the perfect way to get everyone together.

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‘Bob's Burgers’ writer shares experience as an Asian-American

Kelvin Yu, now well-known as a writer and producer of Bob’s Burgers, and for his role on Master of None, visited Monday as the keynote speaker for Asian Students for Intercultural Awareness’ Asian Heritage Month.

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Sophomore spotlights students of color in photo exhibit

“I’m sharing these stories and getting them out there to show this country that we need real change,” Owens said.

Two alumni producers get award recognition

In the heady sci-fi flick Arrival, linguist Louise Banks uses her expertise to communicate with strange aliens in an unusual monolithic spacecraft. Loving tells the true tale of a husband and wife arrested for their marriage in 1958. Their case was taken all the way to the Supreme Court in Loving v. Virginia, resulting in a federal knockdown of interracial marriage laws.

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Media art gallery adds space for visual art

Last October, Emerson expanded its visual art presence by opening the Media Art Gallery on Avery Street next to the new Equipment Distribution Center. The public gallery, the only one in Downtown Boston, deepens Emerson’s ties to the theater district.

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Students deck the halls

Halloween and Thanksgiving are over. According to most, it’s finally time to get into the holiday spirit. Many on campus are already honoring the season by decorating their dorm rooms or suites.

Students' create short film based on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Last month, Hope Alexander, a sophomore visual and media arts major, approached her friends and pitched the idea for a short horror film. Three weeks later, it was shot and ready for editing.

Panel picks apart humor in presidential election

To some, this election is a joke. For others, they joke about the election for a living. Last Friday, six comedy, politics, and communications professionals gathered for a panel moderated by associate professor Gregory Payne in the Bill Bordy Theater. The event was sponsored by the School of the Arts and the Center for Comedic Arts.

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Freshman makes ad for LEGO with alum brother

When things look dire, LEGO versions of John, Paul, George, and Ringo come to the rescue in their iconic Yellow Submarine.

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Simpsons scribe shares stories, offers advice

“If you write for a living, you can’t get writer’s block,” Reiss said. “It should always be fun for you.”

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EDC gets new facilities

This August, the EDC moved from the first floor of the Little Building to a leased space on Avery Street across from the Ritz-Carlton.

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Alumni’s Swiss Army Man kicks off Bright Lights for 2016

With a sold-out theater of people anxious to see Daniel Radcliffe farting on the big screen, The Bright Lights series kicked off Tuesday, Sept. 13 with Swiss Army Man in the Paramount Center’s Bright Family Screening Room.