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Monday, October 23, 2017

Title IX at Emerson: Disputes and Reform: Continuing Coverage

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Emerson STANDS seeks student leaders

At open meetings for a new administration-led program to combat sexual assault and abuse, attendees discussed ways to get the wider college community involved in preventing acts of violence.

After moving to dismiss lawsuit, Emerson responds to mass criticism

President M. Lee Pelton addressed the Emerson community in an email on Monday regarding what he called an “inaccurate and misleading” Huffington Post article that sparked widespread criticism of the college.

Emerson receives grant from Avon Foundation 

The Avon Foundation for Women awarded Emerson a $5,000 grant in September for Emerson STANDS—Stand Together, Act Now, Do Something—an initiative launched earlier that month as part of President M. Lee Pelton’s restructured sexual assault response and prevention program.

College's legal response requires a closer look

The brusque language simply reflects the parlance of law, and its bluntness doesn't necessarily represent how the administration feels about the issue or its students.

Emerson seeks dismissal of former student's lawsuit

Lawyers for Emerson College and four school administrators moved to dismiss the federal lawsuit filed by a former student who claims the school mishandled her sexual assault case. A 20-page memorandum submitted with the motion on Monday states that even if the lawsuit’s allegations were true, they “do not establish that the Defendants violated any law.”

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Lack of attendance continues with the latest Title IX forum

Low attendance again marked open forums about a new position created as part of Emerson’s efforts to reform its sexual assault response and prevention policies. The forums were meant for the Emerson community to discuss its aspirations for an ideal applicant, according to Sylvia Spears, vice president of diversity and inclusion.

College requests more time to respond to lawsuit

Emerson College and four school administrators have requested additional time to respond to the allegations of mishandling a former student’s rape case that were filed in a lawsuit last month, according to documents filed with the Massachusetts District Court on Friday.

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Survivor advocate candidates pitch strategies

The four candidates for a new sexual assault survivor advocate position visited campus in the past week, and presented their plans for sexual violence prevention to audiences marked by low student attendance.

Emerson to dispute sexual assault lawsuit allegations

Emerson plans to dispute the allegations outlined in a lawsuit filed by a former student who alleges the school mishandled her rape case.

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Pelton unveils restructured sexual assault prevention, response program

For the first time, Emerson College has created a comprehensive sexual misconduct policy as part of a new program to reform the school's sexual assault prevention and response efforts.

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Student sues Emerson for mishandling sexual assault case

An Emerson College student who filed a federal Title IX complaint against the college last fall for mishandling her sexual assault case filed a federal lawsuit against Emerson and four school administrators.

College will seek new Title IX coordinator, Pelton says

Emerson College recently decided to hire a new Title IX coordinator, who would be the first administrator fully dedicated to the position.

Advocate hire stresses bystander intervention

Melanie Matson was recently hired as the new director of violence prevention and response/ sexual assault response advocate.

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Campus safety firm visits campus, hears from students

Consulting company Margolis Healy & Associates held meetings exclusively for students on Tuesday to gather information in an open discussion about their perceptions of the college’s procedures to prevent and respond to sexual assault and sexual violence.

Emerson announces Melanie Matson as new assault response advocate

Emerson has hired Melanie Matson as its new director of violence prevention and response/ sexual assault response advocate, according to Sylvia Spears, vice president of diversity and inclusion, and an email sent to the college community by President M. Lee Pelton. The advocate position was created after a federal gender discrimination complaint was filed against the college in October.