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Friday, November 17, 2017

Student Government Association: Continuing Coverage

SGA grants appeals to em Mag, CPLA, and Emertainment Monthly

At Tuesday’s meeting, the Student Government Association granted appeals for two organizations: the Communication, Politics, and Law Association, and Emertainment Monthly.

SGA grants funds to magazine and sorority

The Student Government Association granted appeals Tuesday to Atlas Magazine and the sorority Kappa Gamma Chi.

SGA grants two appeals

The Student Government Association granted two appeals Tuesday from both the Emerson Poetry Project and the 2016 Emerson Recognition and Achievement Awards Committee.

SGA offers revisions for diversity perspective classes

The Student Government Association discussed proposed revisions for both the United States and global diversity perspective classes on Tuesday.

SGA election results announced

The classes of 2018 and 2019 both elected presidents in the fall 2015 Student Government Association elections, according to James Rowland SGA election chair. Several department senators were also voted in.

SGA grants EBONI funds to host Black History Month

Members of Emerson’s Black Organization with Natural Interests appealed for and received $9,029.45 at Tuesday’s Student Government Association meeting.

Overseers discuss student issues with SGA

Donna Heiland, vice president and special assistant to the president, and Board of Overseers members Eric Alexander and Donald Spetner appeared at this week’s Student Government Association meeting to discuss the actions of the board in the past few months.

New members and appeals in SGA

Emerson’s chapter of Active Minds received funds for a trip to a national conference from the Student Government Association on Oct. 20.

SGA discusses cultural competency for faculty

Nancy Allen and Jabari Asim, chairs of the Ad Hoc Cultural Competency Committee, and Robert Colby, president of the Faculty Assembly, appeared at the Student Government Association’s weekly meeting on Oct. 15 to address the progress in cultural competency training following last spring’s student protests.

SGA Election results to be released this week

The results of the Student Government Association’s fall 2015 special elections will be released later this week, according to Elections Chair James Rowland.

SGA addresses medical marijuana

Representatives from the Emerson College Police Department and the Office of Student Conduct spoke at Tuesday’s Student Government Association meeting.

SGA cracks down on Wi-Fi issues

Two employees from Emerson Information Technology appeared to address several issues at the Student Government Association joint session this Tuesday.

SGA appoints new members

Two key appointments were made to the Student Government Association at their meeting Tuesday.

SGA discusses plans for cultural competency in departments

Sylvia Spears, vice president for diversity and inclusion, and Robert Amelio, director for diversity and inclusive excellence, spoke at the Student Government Association’s weekly meeting on Sept. 15 to address last spring’s student demonstration for cultural competency and to explain the faculty and administrative response over the summer.

SGA appoints new leaders, handles appeals

The first Student Government Association joint session meeting of the semester was held on Sept. 8. The organization appointed five members to positions, four of whom were returning members.