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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Rebranding initiative: Continuing Coverage

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Emerson releases new visual identity amid controversy

Emerson College introduced its new logo and graphic identity for the school in a meeting last Tuesday.

College readies website for mobile

Emerson will update its website on Sunday in preparation for an anticipated overhaul in fall 2017, according to a school-wide email from Andrew Tiedemann, vice president for communications and marketing.

Rebranding survey launches this week

In an email to the student body, Andrew Tiedemann, vice president for communications and marketing, announced that the rebranding survey will be released on Nov. 12.

Rebranding survey out next month

A survey meant to collect data for Emerson’s rebranding initiative will likely be released much later than originally anticipated.

Emerson students seen as offbeat and ambitious, research says

Research conducted for the college’s rebranding initiative found that Emerson students are “quirky and driven” and that some alumni are unimpressed by the popular “Emerson Mafia” moniker.

College completes first phase of rebranding

Emerson’s rebranding initiative has hit one milestone: Administrators are finished collecting research involving focus groups and interviews.

Rebranding initiative holds student focus group

The nine participants at the focus group discussed their thoughts on Emerson, how students feel about the school, daily life for students, and how others might perceive Emerson.

Focus groups seek to help create new brand for the college

The members of the advisory group for Emerson’s rebranding initiative were announced on Feb. 6 in an email from President M. Lee Pelton. The group, which includes students, professors, and administrators, will meet and provide updates throughout the year, the email said.

College to refresh Emerson brand

In 2015, Emerson’s New Year’s resolution will be to change its public image. By next fall, the college hopes to develop several options for a new brand, including a new logo, according to Andrew Tiedemann, vice president for communications and marketing.

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College refocuses branding

College administrators are in the process of selecting a market research firm to determine if the Emerson brand should be revised, a project that could lead to a rewriting and redesigning of all the college’s print and online marketing materials.