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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Changes at WERS: Continuing Coverage

Class produces news packages to air on WERS

WERS will soon broadcast 90-second news packages produced by journalism students.

Journalism professors seek to bolster WERS news department

After students and alumni spoke out about campus radio station WERS reducing resources for news coverage, journalism professors met with station management to discuss giving undergraduates more reporting opportunities.

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With focus on ratings, future of WERS news department uncertain

In the latest set of changes that students say are transforming campus radio station WERS from an educational to a corporate enterprise, managers have significantly reduced resources for local and international news coverage.

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Student station managers no longer paid at WERS

For the first time in seven years, student station managers at WERS, the college’s student-run public radio station, are no longer being paid for their work.

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With WERS cuts, urban music community loses major platform

After WERS staff cancelled two popular urban music shows in August, students raised concerns about a lack of diversity in the station’s programming and its listeners.

Changes at WERS leave some student staff disappointed and displaced

In an attempt to become financially independent, WERS, Emerson’s student-run public radio station, made unprecedented changes to the 68-year-old organization, said Jack Casey, the general manager. Channel representatives hired a new professional host and cancelled two popular late-night urban music programs.

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Alumni skeptical of WERS' pro hire

WERS, Emerson’s student-run public radio station, has operated for 67 years without the on-air assistance of a professional employee during peak hours. But after the college announced it was seeking to hire a professional to work with students during the weekday morning shift, alumni have voiced their concerns and threatened to stop donating to the college.

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Campus radio station to hire its first ever professional host

WERS, Emerson’s student-run public radio station, will hire its first professional full-time host in its 67-year history. The host will assist student disc jockeys during the weekday morning show, said General Manager Jack Casey.