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Friday, December 15, 2017

Blizzards of 2015: Continuing Coverage

School may reimburse cost of changed travel plans

In light of the newly extended academic calendar due to numerous snow days, Emerson announced it would offer reimbursements to students who have to pay to change their travel arrangements.

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Students petition to win weekends back from makeup classes

A petition started two weeks ago to oppose weekend classes meant to makeup for snow days has received over 500 signatures to date.

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How much are your canceled classes worth?

Storms have dropped historic levels of snow on Boston, forcing Emerson to cancel five full days of class. See how much those days are worth for you.

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Behind the scenes of an Emerson snow day

Major storms have dropped record amounts of snow on the Boston area this season, forcing Emerson administrators to make judgement calls about canceling classes and shutting down campus amenities and requiring staff members to stay at a nearby hotel.

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Scenes from the nor'easter

Even as endless snow and fierce winds shut down the city of Boston, residents were still out on Tuesday, walking their dogs and taking to Boston Common for a rare weekday opportunity to ski and sled.

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Snowstorm forces Emerson to cancel classes for second day

After a major blizzard deluged Boston with over 20 inches of snow, Emerson has canceled classes for a second day in a row on Wednesday. All campus eateries will open by 10 a.m.

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What to watch during the snow day

Nothing warms a snowed-in college student like the warm glow of a television. Here are The Berkeley Beacon’s picks for the best way to spend your day off.

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College cancels classes as Boston braces for blizzard

Emerson has canceled classes after 4 p.m. Monday and all classes on Tuesday. The dining hall will remain open Tuesday, with shorter hours; all other campus cafes will close.