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Freshman draws in success with creative illustrations

Freshman Jenna Miller's career in illustration began in 2013, when she was a senior in high school, and has now led to two published books.

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Motivated by family and friends, Emerson students complete Boston Marathon

On Monday, during the 119th annual Boston Marathon, Emerson students Morgan Kennedy and Cristina Ashbaugh experienced the storied 26.2-mile run in the cold rain.

Meeting an early graduation with a sense of calm

With graduation looming, there’s always the fear that we’ll miss something, that one day we’ll wish we could go back or do things differently.

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Emerson students to run in marathon for charity

Motivated by family and charity, two Emerson students will run in this year's Boston Marathon—a demanding event that they said means so much to the city.

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Lillibridge promotes body positivity with Project Heal

Ashlyn Lillibridge's own struggles with self-esteem and experiences with bullying as an adolescent are what made her so passionate about eating disorder awareness and body image positivity.

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Current AEPhi president, future NBC Page: Sarah Stein

Junior Sarah Stein has interned at NBC in New York for the past two summers, and has been accepted into the coveted Page program.

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Freshman fashion blogger campaigns for sleeveless tops and equal rights

Freshman Elizabeth Skerry started a campaign in high school to amend what she saw as an unfair dress code and restore, for her and other young women, the right to to bare their arms.

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Creating a major is possible, for those in the know

According to current students in the program, the process of applying for the interdisciplinary major can be stressful and time-consuming, and it’s not well publicized.

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Extended last call could affect Emerson's urban campus

When many New Yorkers are just starting their Saturday nights, Boston’s bar patrons are usually paying the tab and heading home, thanks to a strictly enforced 2 a.m. last call.