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Political convictions, not correctness

As I prepare to leave Emerson, I have been asking myself: What did I stand for?

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Can't we all just not get along?

The practice of debating ideas seems to be a rarity on the corner of Boylston and Tremont.

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For the lonely, anonymity

With online identity ambiguity comes trepidation, and Emerson Confessional is certainly not exempt.

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Greek life, or at least a few months

Greek life is supposed to be more than just another extracurricular activity — it is meant to foster lifelong relationships. Why, after putting in the time and energy necessary to land these connections, would someone leave Greek life behind?

The Beacon's Oscar Picks

The Beacon's in-house selections for Oscar gold.

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God save the feminist queen

Queen B is not an academic, she is an entertainer.

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Fictitious Dark Genius Fantasy

When we treat brilliance solely as the product of shocking but truthful oratory (often accompanied by catchy beats), we run the risk of overlooking the essential traits necessary in a mastermind.

Whatever lets Walmart sleep at night

Despite the apparent need for reform, Walmart’s business model remains static.

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So you want to be an activist...

When we treat worthy causes solely as the product of hip campaigns, we run the risk of overlooking the qualities that social movements so often need.

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Tinder is only the tip of our vanity iceberg

Tinder isn’t about finding a casual hookup or love — it’s about feeling validated.

Mo’ money mo’ problems

When an institution of higher education places a tangible financial value on a student’s athletic contribution compared to that of a writer or engineer, they are giving higher value to the body than the mind — fundamentally undermining the whole premise of an academy.

In defense of Emerson’s character

The biggest risk we face isn’t spreading too little awareness, but rather doing so in an out of context way that ends up sullying the name of the school we all care so much about.

Our generation must affirm affirmative action

Although America may no longer be at the starting line of the race, we are certainly not at the finish, and that is something we must not ignore.

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One Nation, Under God, Divisible, with Liberty and Justice for Some

Prior to Reagan, the GOP was the party that believed in a free market, small government, and state’s rights. In 2012, the Republican Party still holds its fundamental fiscal beliefs but pushes its social stances just as strongly

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Holy Politics, Batman! Gotham and the 99 percent

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, often considered more explicitly right wing than any blockbuster of recent memory, draws a clear line — anti-capitalist observation is fine, but any direct action against the rich or revolutionary moves towards the redistribution of property will lead to a dystopian nightmare.