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Stephanie Thomas

Managing Editor

Stephanie Thomas is a managing editor of The Berkeley Beacon. She is a senior writing, literature, and publishing major. She previously served as the lifestyle editor and implemented a larger focus on student profile series and trend stories. Thomas currently works in the editorial department at Barefoot Books, an independent children’s book publisher. 

Thomas can be reached at

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Dressed to profess

In many professors’ offices around campus, bookshelves filled with Milton, Fanon, and Faust line the walls. In Brad Verter’s office in the Walker Building, a clothing rack houses an abundance of colorful, patterned ties and sports jackets in fabrics like tweed and wool.

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Junior returns after gender reconstructive surgery

After months of planning, fundraising, and waiting, Chris Largent underwent surgery on Dec. 29 to remove his breasts. Largent was born female and has spent the majority of his life becoming male.

Vegan Food Fest to provide meatless, dairyless fun

On Dec. 7, Heather Hardy, the Team Leader at the Dedham Whole Foods Wellness Club, will speak to students at Earth Emerson’s Vegan Food Fest about the hows and whys of healthy eating on a plant-based diet.

The new British girl-power: less Ginger, more royal

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Mein Führer, your application to Emerson College has been denied

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Largent raises money for top surgery

<p></p><p>Chris Largent was born female and has...