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Sofya Levina

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Sofya Levina is the editor of the Arts & Entertainment section in The Berkeley Beacon. She is a sophomore journalism major.

Levina was born in the wintery Russian hills. She immigrated to the United States as a child, and after learning English, she grew to love of writing and literature.

Previously, Levina has been published in her high school’s literary magazines, Social Life Magazine, and has worked for the non-profit show Bridge the Gap TV.

Levina can be reached at


Generation Y seeks solace in art, literature, and poetry

The spring 2013 Gangsters in Concrete publication, funded by the Student Government Association and the writing, literature, and publishing department, oozes black and white memories; from childhood love to a spiraling depression over things that will never be.

Thumb 140 alexyep costume

Costume design advisor nominated for The Mikado

Born in Venezuela, Jaen has been a costume designer for over 25 years. His work spans a wide range of productions, oscillating from a modern take on Henrik Ibsen’s Dollhouse to the Japanese-inspired The Mikado.

Thumb 140 worst sarah

Pub Club releases Bad Poetry

Poetry is difficult to interpret because it not only attempts to tell a story, but to tell it personally, sometimes without rationality.

Thumb 140 gao

Emerson Marine writes memoir about self-realization

He writes about this disparity of culture with a simplicity that seems too humble for such complicated internal dialogue.

Thumb 140 griff megan

Student remembered for his "All-Star" talent, humor

Members of Emerson comedy troupe Jimmy’s Traveling All-Stars said they remember Griffin O'Brien, the troupe’s head writer, as the funniest man in the room. A guaranteed laugh producer. The star of the show.

Thumb 140 jazz show

Shakespearean Jazz Show heads south

New Orleans is bursting with thespians, so it’s not surprising that this year Emerson’s Shakespearean Jazz Show has been invited to perform at The Shakespeare Festival at Tulane University from July 19 to 22.

Thumb 140 webolivia verrill

Tracking Temperance: Student's memoir chronicles long, dark road to sobriety

Olivia James Moravec, a senior studying journalism and marketing communications, realized that addiction had taken over her life came on a not-so-sober morning, when trying to piece together the night before.

Thumb 140 webseth

Lit mashup master shares rapid rise

A million stories walk down the star-studded avenues of Hollywood. Although there is no right path on the road to recognition, author, screenwriter, and producer Seth Grahame-Smith shared his journey as a struggling writer and producer through the Hollywood maze with Emerson students on Tuesday night.

Thumb 140 webholliston 2

FEARnet previews new sitcom at Emerson

For die-hard fans of bone-chilling Adam Green films like Hatchet and Frozen, his new sitcom, Holliston, may come as a bit of a surprise.

Thumb 140 webmidnight sony pictures classics

Oscar reviews: Midnight in Paris glides through Roaring Twenties

Midnight in Paris is the dream of every American lit major.

Thumb 140 streetwall chapman

Street art exhibit draws misfits, intellectuals, and eccentrics

You know you’ve made it to Fourth Wall’s Street Wall: An Exhibit of Street Art show if the dizzying scent of beer is tickling the hairs inside your nose, and soft whispers about “existential expressionism” cloud your hearing.

Thumb 140 webwaxfelt allyson2

Wax on Felt melts hearts with Valentine’s Day show

Those at the Cabaret Tuesday night will remember Valentine's night as one of music and community, as Wax on Felt hosted its annual show Get Felt Up.

Thumb 140 womaninblack

Review: Woman in Black relies on Radcliffe and cheap thrills

Daniel Radcliffe has made looking worried and fighting evil CGI spirits into a profession. Pluck The Boy Who Lived from the stony halls of Hogwarts, stick him into a dusty haunted house, and the result will be just the same: a very nervous and frantic Radcliffe fighting the malevolent ghosts that just can’t seem to leave him alone.

Thumb 140 webae sugar 5

Professor tackles personal and racial struggles in Sugar

Robbie McCauley has staged a war against an invisible enemy. It lurks in conversations between old friends, at evening galas, and in dining halls. It’s the unspoken misunderstanding, politically incorrect and impolite. With Sugar, her new one-woman show, McCauley has staged a war on silence.

Events: Comedian Geoff Keith

When Geoff Keith isn’t busy signing the body parts of his eager admirers, he laughs for a living. Keith, an up and coming actor and comedian, is coming to Emerson as part of his current cross-country tour.

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Blackthorn paints a stunning landscape, but falters with characters

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Blackthorn paints a stunning landscape, but falters with characters

<p></p><p>Forty-two years ago, Robert Redford a...

The Good, the Weird, and the German: Animation showcase seeks to expand your mind with refined whimsy

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The Good, the Weird, and the German: Animation showcase seeks to expand your mind with refined whimsy

<p>, Beacon Correspondent/strong</p><p>Elegant ...