The Berkeley Beacon


Sarah Verrill

Photography Editor

Sarah Verrill is the photography editor of The Berkeley Beacon. She is a sophomore writing, literature and publishing major. After picking up her first camera in high school she has not put one down. She joined the newspaper in spring 2011 and has served as a staff photographer and as the assistant photography editor.She was the editor-in-chief of her high school yearbook and took a majority of the senior portraits.

Photography is her greatest hobby and passion. One day she hopes to combine her interests in travel, philanthropy, and photography.

Verrill can be reached at

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Photo essay: a first-time voter

Although my decision was easy for various reasons, many were undecided until they were already in the polling booths. I voted for the reinstatement of President Obama in the White House. The 2012 election season was a combative one, which ended with only a 2 percent difference in the popular vote. Our current bipartisan country has more extremes than cohesions, creating quite an oil and vinegar dressing for our “mixed salad” of a country.


Emerson groups add music, fun to Family Night

Emerson groups took a jaunt to Dorchester March 21, offering entertainment for a family night at St. Mark's Church.


Dozens Gathered to Protest Against MBTA Cuts

Today, around 12:30pm, a diverse group of people met outside the Transportation Building on Stuart Street. Occupiers, the Boston Chinatown Resident Association, and others waived their sundry banners in the chilly spring air. The Boston Police were on the outskirts of the large group.


Oscar reviews: War Horse, for the war buffs who wanted ponies for Christmas

Frolicking hooves across the rolling pastoral fields of England kick off the epic film War Horse, adapted from Michael Morpurgo’s children’s novel and directed by Steven Spielberg.