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Student surge to Eastie raised gentrification concerns

“If the students are in housing in neighborhoods, it means the community is pushed out of housing in their own neighborhoods by students,” she said. “Families want to stay together. They grow up, they go off to college, they come back, they can’t live in their own neighborhoods. A lot of housing is not affordable in general.”

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Hundreds protest against racism, present demands

“You’re all educators, you all have multiple degrees, why should we have to educate you about the issues we face? Why is it our job? Unless Emerson wants to start paying me a salary,” SGA intercultural commissioner Chala Tshitundu said. “You will always have something more to do, something more to learn, but you will not learn it from me because that is not my job.”

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Emerson Prison Initiative launch pushes for "democratization of education" for prisoners

“We know what works in education. And it’s because we know what works in education that we can commoditize it and sell it,” Wilder said. “So we shouldn’t pretend that after we turn something into a market, sell it, make it scarce and sell it to the wealthiest among us, we shouldn’t pretend to be shocked that there’s somebody who will never receive it.”