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Mark Gartsbeyn

Managing Editor

Mark Gartsbeyn is the managing editor for arts and sports at the Berkeley Beacon. He is a junior visual and media arts major with a minor in journalism. 

Born in Minsk, Belarus, and raised in the Greater Boston area, he began at the Beacon as an assistant arts editor during the second semester of his freshman year. He's currently a digital video intern at NOVA at WGBH.

Gartsbeyn can be reached at

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Faculty assembly chair calls for 'less witch-hunting' in wake of protest

The chair of Emerson’s faculty assembly in an email Monday afternoon wrote that students and the Ad-Hoc Committee on Cultural Competency falsely accused faculty of discrimination.

The Berkeley Beacon Burrito Bonanza

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What does it mean to be an ally?

By taking the time to step back and consider your own unique privilege, you make yourself more aware of what your role is in today’s social movements. You don’t want to accidentally overstep your limitations and further marginalize voices that are already beneath yours.

Beacon's best: Must-see sites for fall frolicking

Beacon fall favorites!

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No excess of XS — body image and being a Small Man

I can’t help feeling like this world wasn’t made for me, that a Small Man is not a Real Man.

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Alumnus in admissions debuts play on privilege

This month saw the premiere of Halberstadt’s newest show, The Launch Prize. Halberstadt, a 27-year-old and performing arts alumnus, has written several successful full-length shows in the past. This show netted him his first Boston Globe review.

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School of the Arts partners with German media academy

The School of the Arts hosted two events with the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, Germany, this past weekend. It sparked the first of many future collaborations with the international institution, otherwise known as Kunsthochschule für Medien, or KHM.

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Punk drunk love: MTS rocks out with American Idiot

This past week, the Musical Theatre Society, or MTS, put on three performances of American Idiot in Little Building’s Cabaret. Around 80 people attended each show, filling the venue to capacity, according to director Joshua Shelor.

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New EIV program parodies avant-garde diehards

It consists of a long series of short skits, each a satirical take on experimental media. Lots of nudity, lots of violence, and lots of surprises.

Unpacking unpaid internships

Oh, the beginning of a new semester. It means new classes, new orgs—and for many, a new unpaid internship. No matter their major, these explorers of the corporate world discover a kingdom of copies and coffees, a realm of resumes and references.

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Q&A: Polly Carl, creative director of ArtsEmerson

Polly Carl, the creative director of ArtsEmerson, was named Person of the Year by the National Theatre Conference (NTC) last month for her/his work in new play development.

Not just film kids: the forgotten side of VMA

Imagine a typical visual and media arts student. Maybe you envision someone peering through the viewfinder of a camera borrowed from the Equipment Distribution Center, or hunched over a Steenbeck in the Ansin Building, meticulously splicing celluloid strips together.

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"Electric Pilgrims" illuminates local neighborhood

Hosted by the school of the arts at Emerson, the temporary Fort Point exhibition included over 20 videos at 12 simultaneous stations, with most projecting onto screens and the brick walls of nearby condominiums. One small work found its home on a mailbox; another on an enormous black balloon.

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Chasen Parker chases a filmmaking career at Cannes

Chasen Parker's upcoming short film, “E”, is loosely based on the Enron scandals of 2001, which caused thousands of employees at the American energy company to lose their jobs.

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Emerson Poetry Project hosts show on the Common for all

Nearly 120 students sat and stood in the small gazebo, with most bearing purple and yellow glowstick rings atop their heads and around their necks.

Beacon's Boston: fiction, film, and fine arts

Here are some recommended bookstores, movie theaters, and museums, as chosen by Beacon staff.

Year In Review: Art as social change

This year has seen a profusion of creative and socially just declarations and celebrations.

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Modernizing Macbeth

Emerson Shakespeare Society's “Macbeth” was inspired by the philosopher Michel Foucault and the theoretical panopticon prison.

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Gargantuan Gartenberg: Media entrepreneur talks business

Freshman Aaron Dean Gartenberg—who colleagues described as a hard-working entrepreneur—started his own production company and media consulting business.

Kidding Around presents electrifying children's play

Though the play is written for young audiences, it offers universal lessons about friendship, creativity, and power.

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Author and feminist Roxane Gay visits campus

“I find [Twitter] to be a great sandbox for thinking through ideas and arguments,” said Gay. “I live in the middle of nowhere so it’s a nice place to engage with other human beings.”

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Emerson Hillel steps in the ring with screening of alum's film

Jewish boxers in the ’20s, ’30s, and ’40s were often revered in their communities, and were role models who demonstrated the capabilities of Jewish people through their physical power and upward economic mobility.

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The Beacon's 2015 Oscar Picks

See the films that Beacon staff members think should win Academy Awards.

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Queens reign supreme at President’s Day Drag Show

“People are like, ‘Oh my god, those guys can walk in heels better than I can!’” said Gelder. “There’s no law saying only girls can wear them.”

Uncommon Women gives insight into second-wave feminism

Maureen Shea, head of the theater studies program at Emerson, has a straightforward reason for deciding to direct "Uncommon Women, and Others": “Because it has a lot of women.”

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Comedy troupe stays grounded, gets laughs at first show of semester

Last week’s show included anti-gardening riots, a woman who lives off of bottled oxygen in a Lorax-like world, and a serial assassin that specializes in chopping off fingers.