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Commodification of tragedy

I am standing in the gift shop of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, head slightly cocked, puzzling over the cover of a book. It is The Diary of a Young Girl, the revered diary of Anne herself. A small seal in the corner reads: “Now available as an app!” Contemptuously, I wonder: what could this app contain?

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The Empowerment Letters

At Emerson, we often seek empowerment for ourselves and others through the work we create.

Donald’s Democracy: A new America

For a lot of us, after disappointment, there was fear.

A novel idea: personal narrative as public awareness

In an attempt to comprehend, we detach ourselves from the lives that we seek to avenge.

Summer preview: Combatting white noise in America

Silence is a tool of oppression, and by keeping quiet, white liberals further oppress those they seek not to offend.