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Women’s march organizer gives lessons on leadership, feminism

Weeks after the historic Women’s March on Washington, Emerson students gathered in the Bright Family Screening room to show a different kind of solidarity.

Rebranding initiative holds student focus group

The nine participants at the focus group discussed their thoughts on Emerson, how students feel about the school, daily life for students, and how others might perceive Emerson.

Israeli Stage honors Pelton, Cutler

As the theater company Israeli Stage began its fourth year, it held its inaugural Sabra Award Benefit to honor Emerson President M. Lee Pelton and philanthropist Ted Cutler for their contributions to the arts in Boston.

Bookstore stops selling JanSport

After popular apparel company JanSport failed to sign a workers rights agreement by April, Emerson followed through on its ultimatum and stopped selling its products in the college bookstore.

Emerson receives grant from Avon Foundation 

The Avon Foundation for Women awarded Emerson a $5,000 grant in September for Emerson STANDS—Stand Together, Act Now, Do Something—an initiative launched earlier that month as part of President M. Lee Pelton’s restructured sexual assault response and prevention program.

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After first year, LA campaign raises $2.8M

The three-year capital campaign for Emerson Los Angeles began its second year with nearly $3 million of the desired $20 million, said Patrick Smith, director of development for the LA program.

Cultural Center gets renovation

Recent renovations in the Cultural Center have created what students who frequent the space call a more inviting and relaxing atmosphere.