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Fueled by cheers, Emerson students complete Boston Marathon

A number of Emerson students, including several who were injured in the bombings last year, took part in the 118th annual Boston Marathon.

The Commencement Show with Jay Leno

The graduating class of 2014 will have Jay Leno, a 1972 Emerson graduate and accomplished TV personality, as its commencement speaker during the undergraduate ceremony May 11.

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Students, faculty support Sodexo workers' unionization

On April 22, over a dozen food workers presented their efforts to unionize in the Little Building's lobby. Nearly 70 students showed up to rally in support.

Professor awarded Pulitzer

Megan Marshall, a writing, literature, and publishing professor, won a Pulitzer Prize for biography.

BU sophomore found dead in dorm

A Boston University sophomore was found dead in his dorm room Monday morning, according to The Boston Globe.

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Student will compensate damages from LB flood

The sophomore responsible for knocking off the top of a fire sprinkler in the Little Building, causing water damage to dozens of dorm rooms, will have to compensate residents for their damaged property.

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‘Scooter’ fired by college from police role

Scott Baisley, known among students as Scooter, told the Beacon he was fired on January 7.

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New summer program in Greece offers intensive screenwriting course

Ten students will have the opportunity to spend three weeks in Patmos, Greece as part of the new 2014 Summer Screenwriter’s Lab.

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Intruder selling paintball tickets banned from campus

Andrew R. Colarusso pretended to be a college representative and interrupted classes to sell $10 tickets to Randolph Paintball. He was removed from campus property on Feb. 19.

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As protests flare, Emerson sends support

Images and videos of violent protests in Venezuela have surfaced in social media streams over the last two weeks, and students follow the updates — not only to find out what’s happening, but also to figure out if her friends and relatives are OK.

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Sustainability position nixed, green initiatives continue

Melissa Amaral was the sustainability and marketing director at Sodexo last semester, but in late October the company eliminated her position and reassigned her responsibilities among its employees.

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Indoor garden project will come to campus

The trial stage for the new Emerson garden will place 14 planter boxes filled with organic seeds and soil in windowsills around campus.

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ECPD to test new 24/7 building entry procedure

A new campus security proposal will require students, faculty, and staff to use their Emerson IDs 24/7 to enter all buildings, starting March 10.

3 students report being forcibly kissed around Common T station

On Jan. 31, two students reported being kissed without their consent while walking near the Park Street station on Boston Common, and another student reported a similar incident while riding the train from Central Square to Park Street.

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Low student turnout at advocate presentations

Two of the final four candidates for the sexual assault prevention and response advocate position, Kelly Wilt and Meghan Root, presented to faculty, staff, and students their visions for a state-of-the-art sexual assault training and service system at Emerson.

Emerson Kitchen: An LA dining experience

Outdoor seating, organic food options, and staff who serve and bus tables do not come to mind when Emerson students think of a campus dining experience. But these are all true and notable attributes of the new Emerson Kitchen — the Board Bucks-friendly restaurant-cafe in the Los Angeles Center.

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Feds look into Title IX complaints

Emerson College is facing an investigation by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights regarding complaints filed by three students that allege the college mishandled their reports of sexual assault.

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New Hollywood campus welcomes spring students

In its 26th year, Emerson Los Angeles finally has its own distinctive building at 5960 W. Sunset Blvd. with state-of-the-art technology and an eye-catching design.

More credits available for internship work

Emerson students may not have to ration their eight internship credits like Board Bucks anymore. This semester, Career Services piloted the Professional Development Experience program, which allows students to get two extra credits from an internship experience.

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Just a little recognition: Orgs vie for nod from SGA, cope with denials

On Nov. 1, 10 student groups submitted application packets to the SGA for organization recognition. The recognition process requires student groups to have a clear mission, a sound financial plan, a constitution, and to be different from existing groups, among other requirements.

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Students find mentors in Board of Overseers

Internships, mentorships, and in-the-field experience: things Emerson students desire. Now, the college is working to enhance a program that offers all of these opportunities together.

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Student comes forward as part of complaint

Sarita Nadkarni, an Emerson junior, revealed on Tuesday she filed a federal complaint against the college with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights. The document, submitted earlier this month, said the college violated Title IX, a federal anti-discrimination law, while dealing with students’ sexual assault cases, said Nadkarni.

Faculty letter urges college to investigate alleged failures

During a faculty assembly meeting on Oct. 22, professors collectively put out a statement expressing their concern with recent allegations made public by three students who say the college mishandled their reports of sexual assault. The letter also applauds President M. Lee Pelton for seeking a Sexual Assault Advocate, and asks the college to hold accountable whoever erred in the alleged mishandling of the cases.

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At Town Hall meeting, community discusses sexual assault

On Monday afternoon, the Cutler Majestic Theatre’s ground floor section was nearly filled to its 300-seat capacity as students, faculty, and staff sat before the purple-lit stage.

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Administrators speak on sexual assault policies after complaint

Emerson administrators reviewed current sexual assault policies and expressed their optimism about upcoming changes to the procedure in an exclusive interview with the Beacon Wednesday. This was the first time school officials other than President M. Lee Pelton publicly spoke after students reportedly filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, saying the college’s response to alleged sexual assaults violates Title IX, a federal anti-discrimination law.

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Students file federal complaint, say college mishandled sexual assault cases

A group of Emerson students filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights last week, stating the college’s response to alleged sexual assaults violates Title IX, a federal anti-discrimination law, said sophomore Sarah Tedesco and junior Jillian Doherty, who are currently the only public complainants.

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College refocuses branding

College administrators are in the process of selecting a market research firm to determine if the Emerson brand should be revised, a project that could lead to a rewriting and redesigning of all the college’s print and online marketing materials.

Fire on Boylston

A cigarette butt that fell through a hole in the sidewalk in front of 140 Boylston St. caused a small fire Wednesday, Oct. 2 according to Steve MacDonald, spokesman for the Boston Fire Department. The Em- erson Police Department sent three emails updating the community on the situation.

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Students and administrators say ARAMARK wasn't composting

ARAMARK, the previous food service provider at Emerson, failed to compost its food waste during the last months of its contract, according to a former ARAMARK employee. The alleged failure would indicate the company deceived administrators and students, who said they thought ARAMARK was managing its food waste in a sustainable way.

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Collegiate faculty moves to Summer Street, will help achieve president's plan

The college will look to hire 40 additional full-time teaching staff members over the next five years as part of a plan devised by President M. Lee Pelton, according to Michaele Whelan, chief academic officer.

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College announces expansion

Instead of stepping into the bar of the Sweetwater Tavern for a pitcher of beer, students could be walking into a new 18-story, residence hall with a roof terrace and views of the Boston Common and the State House by Spring 2016.

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Securitas officer assigned to Paramount

The Emerson policeman previously stationed at the dormitory on 555 Washington St. will now be patrolling the campus.

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Faculty lecture on uprisings in the Middle East

Scholar-in-Residence Yasser Munif and Director of the Honors Program Nigel Gibson shared first-hand recollections of the uprising in Syria, the relation of the movement to post-colonial theories, and the media involvement in the country to a group of 48 students and faculty Tuesday night.

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Political leaders talk involvement

State Rep. Jeffrey Sanchez and Boston City Councilor-at-Large Felix Arroyo provided leadership advice and spoke of the importance of civic engagement at an event hosted by Emerson AMIGOS Tuesday night.

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VP of Academic Affairs to step down in Spring

Linda Moore will step down as vice president of academic affairs at the end of the this school year. After 10 years of serving as the VP of Academic Affairs and 47 years in education and administration, Moore will retire the year of her 70th birthday.

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Students campaign to eliminate meat in dining hall one day a week

What started as a class project for an Energy and Sustainability course turned into a movement to chop some meat off the dining hall’s menu.

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Kony 2012 video to be screened

Representatives from Invisible Children, the advocacy group behind the controversial Kony 2012 viral video that calls for the arrest of a Ugandan warlord  will screen the film at Emerson this week. They will speak in the Bill Bordy Theater April 1 at an event presented by Emerson Peace and Social Justice. The group will screen Kony 2012 and open a discussion about its campaign. This will be the third time Invisible Children — a group focused on raising awareness in central Africa — has visited the college.

Norovirus hits state

On the heels of a report by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) announcing an increase in norovirus outbreaks across the state, the Emerson Center of Health and Wellness is monitoring the number of cases at the college, said director of the center Jane Powers. Students, faculty, and staff were notified of the gastrointestinal illness in an email on Feb. 17, describing typical symptoms and preventative measures.

Students to create documentary on trip to Iceland

As part of a public diplomacy project and cultural immersion initiative, five Emerson students who went on a four day trip to Iceland last weekend will be creating a mini-series of webisodes documenting their trip

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College addresses LB rodent control

After students voiced concerns over rodent control in the Little Building dorm rooms, the college said it is taking the necessary steps to ensure every call to property management is handled in a timely manner.

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Mice infest Little Building dorm rooms post-break

The growing frustration with mice in the Little Building is more palpable among students after a four-week winter break. Numerous residents have voiced complaints about a mouse infestation in the lower half of the 97-year-old building of Emerson’s primary residence hall.