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Women's tennis still shrouded in secrecy

There has been no announcement from the Emerson College Athletic Department regarding a recent major hire. Despite the radio silence, Emerson’s women’s tennis team has been operating under the leadership of coach Sue Sookiasian for nearly a month. The news of Sookasian’s hiring was buried — she was not made available to the Beacon until Sept. 25 — along with the rest of a difficult three years for the program.

A sit-down with Emerson's new women's tennis coach

Sue Sookiasian took over the Emerson College women’s tennis program on Sept. 11 following the Lions’ home loss against Roger Williams University. The newest addition to the Emerson athletic department sat down for a formal interview with the Beacon on Sept. 25.

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A day in the life of an Emerson student-athlete

Most Emersonians already have a tough time balancing their schedule, but student-athletes have even more commitments than a regular student, making college life a challenge.

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Athletic department gets funding increase

The changes, all made in an effort to capture Nance’s desired theme of “14 varsity sports, 1 team,” are a direct result of funding from the Athletics Working Group.

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Gold and Suvak promoted to full-time

For the first time in the school’s history, Emerson College has hired full-time head coaches exclusively for the women’s soccer and men’s lacrosse teams, promoting David Suvak and Dan Gold from their part-time positions. The athletic department announced the decision via press release on August 12.