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Miss Manners

My mother can tear you down with just one look. While other mothers patiently counted to three or pulled out “the naughty chair” when their child was acting up, my mother preferred the glare. It was so quick and subtle, that it was rarely noticed by others in our company, but it was a code between us that transmitted: You’re acting up, so mind your manners. Now.

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Etiquette guru shows students the ropes

Etiquette education has the stereotype of being boring and stuffy, and it reminds everyone about grandmothers who would shoot “the look” whenever elbows were placed on the table.

Miss Manners

Things are getting serious between you and your significant other. You’ve slept together, shared a plate of fries while discussing past heartbreaks, and maybe even broke out the “L” word. Now it’s time to meet the people that broke out the “L” word long before you came around: the parents. If your boo is a Mamma’s Boy or Daddy’s Princess, he/she probably cares that you gain his/her parents’ approval, whether it be a subtle pat on the back or an an enthusiastic two thumbs up. Here’s a few tips on how to convince them that you’re worth their baby’s sweet lovin’.

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Miss Manners

While you’re casually spritzing those three extra sprays of perfume on your cleavage or ironing out your good slacks, there’s only one thought going through your mind: God, I hope this date doesn’t suck. Compatibility and personality traits will determine if there’s a second date or not, but a few key etiquette tips can ensure that the date is not a downer.

Miss Manners

Now that you’re a fancy adult — or becoming one — you’ll find yourself attending gatherings beyond birthday parties with spin-the-bottle. A variety of social events keep you meeting new people and talking to the ones you’re already fond of, instead of becoming a weird loner who watches “Downton Abbey” weekend nights covered in Cheez-It crumbs. But for every kind of party, there is a set of rules. If you want to be invited back, take note of the following.