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Bananas in pajamas

For the spring, students can look forward to an ice cream sundae bar, sausage and pepper subs, grilled bratwurst subs, a chicken wing bar, a french fries and nachos bar, peppermint stick milkshakes, popcorn, and soft pretzels.

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Tappily ever after

Follow a trail of breadcrumbs to the Semel Theater for Once Upon a Time.

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Slow on the draw

The communication studies department will be leading a trek through the Museum of Fine Arts to look at five works of art — slowly.

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Emerson's Next Top Profile Picture

Ten female Emerson students will strut down the runway, pose for intricate photos, and smile with their eyes for the opportunity to be the face of Emerson Fashion Society.

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For the love of the movies, and $1000

Of about 100 undergraduate and graduate student submissions, 18 shorts have been selected to be screened at this year’s Emerson Film Festival.

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In the fitness center, Emerson-style bros: A broader base of applicants makes way for diverse gym-goers

The school’s historically offbeat, stereotypically hipster population has been met with a counterculture of “bros” and “gym rats."

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Professor's novel praised by NYT

"What I really like to do is write about people who are a little bit below the radar." -WLP Professor Megan Marshall

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Ups and Downs: Surviving — and embracing —  a vertical campus

The decorum, behavior, and culture found in Emerson’s elevators are unique to every passenger while also holding students together — sometimes a bit too closely.

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Just can't wait to be mascot: Rogue lion has an Emerson approach to school spirit

When he originally starting prowling around the lower levels of Piano Row, the man in the Griff the Lion suit was not an official Emerson College agent.