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Memoirs explore the meaning of manhood

A professor and two alumni navigate the meaning of manhood in the context of their relationships with their own fathers.

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The power of passionate poetry

Carrie Rudzinski took a notebook to her senior prom. She took a notebook to a friend’s wedding. She takes a notebook with her everywhere.

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For his final performance, senior comedian hits ‘replay’

Senior Chris Gillespie is exploring the unconventional interplay between music and comedy by refining his own version of B-sides: unseen sketches.

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Wide open spaces: Tristan Sharps' art occupies abandoned buildings

Tristan Sharps does not display his visual art in galleries. He does not screen his films in theaters, direct plays on a stage, or build installation pieces for museums. Sharps inhabits abandoned spaces with dynamic multimedia work, resulting in an audience-centered, interactive approach to contemporary art.

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The Symptoms show signs of success

After graduating from high school in 2012, Ben Bersers-Lee was itching to get out of his suburban bubble of Lexington, Massachusetts and experience life as a “real human being.” That fall, he moved away from the conventional path of attending college and moving into an Allston apartment, spending two years managing personal finances and cultivating the sound of his indie rock band, The Symptoms.

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Boston's newest cultural district arrives on Emerson's doorstep

Among the daily flow of traffic pouring through Boylston and Charles Streets stands a statue of Edgar Allen Poe in mid-stride, manuscripts flying out of his briefcase and fallen leaves circling his frame. The literary icon returned to his birthplace earlier this month to celebrate Boston’s recent designation as the country’s first Literary Cultural District.

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Traces asks, what would you leave behind?

Traces is a kaleidoscope of various circus and street performance elements that revolve around one central question: if the world were to end tomorrow, what would you leave behind?

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Former metal vocalist joins Emerson LA faculty

Five months ago, Jon Clayden, the former lead vocalist of the metal band Pitchshifter, joined the faculty at Emerson Los Angeles as the director of post-graduate and professional studies. With experience as a professional musician, music manager, career adviser, teacher, and lecturer, he gave the Berkeley Beacon his views on the entertainment and performance industry.

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Thunderstorm puts a damper on Boston Calling Festival

After nearly six hours of receiving repeated warnings to stay hydrated in Saturday’s 97 degree weather, the crowds at Boston Calling were instructed to evacuate City Hall Plaza to avoid an unwanted type of hydration: an incoming thunderstorm.

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Networking is the "muscle of the industry" for production assistants

Lenny Alcid practiced unwrapping the plastic on ten brand-new decks of cards before turning to his boss for approval, nervous to hear whether his attempt at a perfect crescent cut was up to the standard of magician David Blaine.

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The eerie music of Anne Malin

“She doesn’t perform with a lot of other people. It’s just her and her guitar,” said Donahue. “You would think it wouldn’t be enough, just seeing this blonde girl on a huge stage. But her voice tells a whole story. She doesn’t need a whole lot of instruments.”

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Everybody X Dance now

Emerson Stage premieres its annual modern dance festival, X Dance, at the Greene Theater tonight. The show features the work of student choreographers Kaitlyn Frank, Gabriel Nesser, Olivia Moriarty, Cassie Schauble, and Cassie Samuels, accompanied by 26 dancers from a broad range of majors.

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For student broadcaster, it’s never too early for ambition

Mudrick balances sass on camera with a critical, professional eye off-camera, exhibiting dedication to both his role as a cast member and also as a critic of himself and the show.

The Beacon's Oscar Picks

The Beacon's in-house selections for Oscar gold.

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Obscure Bard play gets new life

Emerson Shakespeare Society presents the under appreciated Shakespeare play Cymbeline.

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Creating an art community, one stream at a time

Spencer Cold, a freshman at Emerson College, is a co-founder of a proposed website with a multimedia streaming service.

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The dream lives on: Students, faculty honor Martin Luther King Jr. with readings

Emerson celebrates Martin Luther King Day with a week of events, including a reading with students and faculty.

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Queen of the castle

Junior Darian Carpenter glams up his life as drag alter ego Anya B. Heinz.

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Model Behavior: 10 male students strut down runway for Emerson's Next Top Model

Fashion Society Hosts the annual Emerson's Next Top Model.

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ArtsEmerson dances with diversity for Step Afrika!

ArtsEmerson brings diversity with their latest production, Step Afrika!

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Baritones and bologna: Lunch with singing stars

ArtsEmerson presented a unique opportunity for students to have lunch with the baritones of Baritones Unbound.

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"Poetry Project" serves fresh performances in DH

"The best part of performing is interacting with the audience and seeing the words hit home."