The Berkeley Beacon

Katy Rushlau

Lifestyle Editor

Katy Rushlau is the Lifestyle editor and a junior journalism major with writing and publishing minors. She has contributed numerous articles to the Lifestyle section. During her time at the Beacon, she has profiled students, covered events, and reported on various campus organizations. 

Outside the Beacon, Rushlau has interned for the Boston Globe Living/Arts section and is currently a freelance writer and part time Metro messanger. She is also the chief copyeditor and secretary for Undergraduate Students for Publishing and is the reigning Miss International Maine.


Rushlau, who grew up in Maine, began her career as a journalist when she was 15, starting her first paid internship at the Wiscasset Newspaper. She was also the only student asked to contribute articles to her high school's newsletter. Rushlau hopes to become a writer or editor for a lifestyle section of a newspaper or magazine, specifically writing about food and travel. 



Rushlau can be reached at


Thumb 140 samantharusso courtesy

From Boston to the Boardwalk

Alumna and reigning Miss New Hampshire competes for Miss America in Atlantic City, NJ on Sept. 15.

Thumb 140 whelan harwood

Intern inspires Children's Hospital patients

Through junior Ben Whalen's work, he managed to brighten the lives of many terminally ill children.

Thumb 140 emersoncompliments chapman

Facebook page cheers up students during finals

Recently, university compliment pages have gone viral, giving two Emerson students the idea for one dedicated to the college. They created Emerson Compliments, a Facebook profile they said is designed to spread cheer and happiness among the community.

Thumb 140 dsc 6042

Students cook up online food mag

Simmer Magazine, a blog and online publication, encourages the sensuality of enjoying quality food, according to Editor-In-Chief and Founder Nisreen Galloway.

Thumb 140 hemposium tharp

Hempsters hope for sustainable future

Earth Emerson and Emerson Reform teamed up to host Hemposium, an educational event to spread awareness and appreciation for hemp.

Thumb 140 hauntedhouse joshhamlin

Tricks, treats, and trembles in the Cabaret

In the midst of a city that beckons partygoers and trick-or-treaters alike, the horrors of collegiate costumes and dangerous drinking can become a reality for some students on Halloween night.

Students learn to lower stress and LiveSMART

Emerson’s health education initiative, LiveSMART, is aiming to bring clarity to campus and give stressed out students the tools to lead more balanced lives.

Emerson students get a feel for finance

Emerson’s new financial education program will encourage students to “get on the money” and learn the basics of saving, loans, and investing.

Meet the orientation leader Core Staff

A slideshow of the Core Staff.

Thumb 140 verrill musicmag

New student magazine corners music niche

Publications spotted on campus cover everything from fashion to literature to film. But for junior Maria Spiridigliozzim an important topic was missing. Spiridigliozzi, a journalism major, collaborated with fellow juniors Melanie Cohen and Ashley Alongi, to start Chaos Magazine, a publication that will focus solely on music.

Thumb 140 dsc 0991

Students strip down, donate clothes

Students lugged bags of clothes to the Boylston T stop, which will be donated to the Big Brothers Big Sisters program in Massachusetts. The small group shed their everyday attire and dashed off in a mass one-mile “fun-run” around the perimeter of Boston Common.

Thumb 140 hoppa tharp

Hip Hapas share poetic talents

With Snappy Sushi pinched at the end of a pair of chopsticks, the next “generasian” of Emerson students gathered in the crowded Cabaret to learn and celebrate Hapas. Derived from the Hawaiian word meaning “half,” Hapa is used to describe a person who is part-Asian.

Thumb 140 jake 2

Student gets it "rite" with new clothing company

Instead of filling out job applications and anxiously preparing for tedious interviews, Jake Bailey is creating his own life opportunities. The sophomore marketing communication major launched his own clothing brand last month, exuding what he says is essential for any business: drive.

Thumb 140 dsc 0494

Vegan Food Fest gets sweeter

When Cakeology owner Victoria Donnelly whips up a velvety, double-chocolate cupcake topped off with mounds of cocoa frosting, she abides by three rules: no meat, no dairy, and no eggs. Donnelly’s vegan cupcake sensations will be among the many tasty treats at Earth Emerson’s first-ever Vegan Dessert Fest on April 16, in the Bill Bordy Theater from 6-9 p.m.

Thumb 140 meditationcolor

Students seek Zen with meditation group

From large coffees to yoga mats, every student handles stress differently. One commonality is that most are in search of relief from the hectic, multitasking lifestyle. The Emerson Meditation Movement is helping students move from juggling to balancing by emphasizing individual spirituality and expression.

Thumb 140 recyclemania 01

Earth Emerson hosts Recyclemania

Emerson College’s growing green community is increasing eco-friendly advocacy. Piano Row features the third floor Living Green learning community, and the dining hall has banished trays to reduce dishwater. Now, Earth Emerson — the college’s largest group of eco-activists — is encouraging students to recycle more by participating for the first time in “Recyclemania,” a nationwide contest.

Thumb 140 web

From studio to stage: Senior eyes Miss Boston title

“I really like the fact that there is a required amount of money that you have to raise,” said Russo. “It’s taking my love for singing, karaoke, and my new-found love for pageantry and mixing it together, which is kind of cool,” she said. Rosengard praised Russo’s enthusiasm for fundraising as many contestants prefer to ask for donations rather than host a fundraiser, he said.

Thumb 140 sarah decorations

Deck the dorms with boughs of glitter

With stockings, tinsel, and lights all aglow, on-campus students at Emerson are decking the halls.

Class of 2013 seeks class funds beneficiary

<p></p><p>Officials of the class of 2013 will b...