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Katie Prisco-Buxbaum

Assistant News Editor

Katie Prisco-Buxbaum is an assistant news editor for the Beacon and a sophomore political communication major with a minor in journalism.

She currently interns in Speaker Deleo's office in the Massachusetts State House working with his press secretary. Previously, she has served as the Beacon's web editor, and has worked as a web marketer for, a start-up arts & entertainment monthly online magazine.

Before joining the Beacon in 2010, she was the editor-in-chief for her high school's newspaper The Devil's Tale and an intern at the local weekly paper The Long Island Press in her hometown. She participated in an investigative journalism program at Hofstra University.

Prisco-Buxbaum holds several positions in other campus organizations such as Kappa Gamma Chi, Emerson Spirit Squad, Communication, Politics, and Law Association (CPLA), Emerson Pre-Law Society, and Emerson Dance Company. She also works for Emerson Campus Center, as a peer tutor for the Writing and Academic Center, and has served as an Orientation Leader.

Prisco-Buxbaum can be reached at


Title IX complaint is in Emerson’s best interest

This case is not about the young woman who filed it, and it is not about rape. This is about making sure future studens never have to deal with the institutional barriers that the multiple students filing the case met when trying to find justice

Economic inequality at Emerson

I am the product of a single mother, who was unemployed for a majority of my college career and has two other children facing the financial burden of higher education

Gun control lacks X chromosome

Both the absence of representation among the panelists and the omission of a discussion about how women are affected by gun violence provides a lack of understanding of the issues as a whole.

Sticks and stones, words hurt

The first time I was called a bitch, I didn’t really know what it meant. I was in the lunch line at my elementary school, and when one of my male peers tried to cut me, I voiced my sense of injustice quite loudly. He turned to me and said, “Don’t be such a bitch.” That shut me right up.

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Political sex scandals: a new frontier in gender equality

Maybe in the next century, we will be impeaching our third female president for getting caught under her desk with an entry level employee or scolding female CIA agents for having wild sex orgies on the job.

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Female debate moderators taking the stage

For just a second, a little girl saw Crowley tell the President of the United States to wait his turn and perhaps thought that she could be anything she wanted.

The Case for Civic Engagment

Although service takes time and effort, it is imperative that every Emerson student in the political communication major gets the experience that a civic engagement requirement supplies.

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Andersen steps down as dean

Janis Andersen will resign as the dean of the school of communication after serving in the position for six years.

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Department chair resigns after four years, will stay at college

After four years as chair of the communication studies department, Richard West resigned from the leadership position last week to become a full-time professor at Emerson. West will finish the semester as chair while the department searches for a replacement.

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Comm Week panel addresses post-graduation job search struggles

After 14 months of unemployment in her hometown of Lancaster, Penn., Emerson alumna Heidi Smucker said she decided to take her job search elsewhere, moving to New York City without a plan or much money.

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Students cram Boylston for free burritos

A line of more than 140 people stretched along Boylston Street 6:40 p.m. yesterday for Boloco’s free burrito day.

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VP of development and alumni relations named

Jeffrey Schoenherr — a veteran college fundraiser, most recently at Harvard Law School  — was named vice president for development and alumni relations this week, making him the latest addition to President M. Lee Pelton’s cabinet.

New vice president to start in May

Jeffrey Schoenherr was hired as the new vice president for development and alumni relations in an email to the Emerson community, President M. Lee Pelton announced in a mass email this afternoon.

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College bans sale of plastic water bottles on campus

In an email to the Emerson community yesterday, President M. Lee Pelton announced the college will phase out the sale of bottled water and discourage the purchase of bottled water with college funds

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Applicant numbers increase for comm. studies major

Recent statistics show applications to the communication studies major have increased from 459 to 658 applicants over the past four years, a significant number for a major that typically sees a lower percentage of applicants, according to Vice President of Enrollment MJ Knoll-Finn. The communication studies major, which encompasses communication studies and political communication, is known to be a small program, which makes the increase highly noticeable, Knoll-Finn said.

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Scaffolding to stay six more years

The metal and wood scaffolding that has lined the Little Building since December 2009 will remain a campus fixture for years to come as the college moves slowly forward on a multimillion dollar renovation project, college officials said.

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As SGA resignations increase, officials discuss term length requirement

A week after the class of 2013 president resigned, two more Student Government Association officials stepped down Tuesday – which brought the resignation toll for this year's joint session to five, and leaves 13 seats on SGA open – prompting discussion on requiring representatives to complete their terms.

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Hearing and language group reaches out to other majors

A hoarse throat can be a nightmare for any acting or broadcast journalism major, but one Emerson organization is ready to help. Emerson’s chapter of the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA), a small group of about 25 students, hopes to use discussion topics such as vocal hygiene and drama therapies to bring awareness to its student group.

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Results are in, class of 2015 still without president

The class of 2015 remains without a president and treasurer after elections results were announced last night.

Acappellics Anonymous steps up to competition

Acappellics Anonymous, one of Emerson’s two main a cappella performance groups, will be putting their vocal talent to the test against Boston’s best a cappella performers.