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Initiative targets clothing suppliers

The Student Government Association met on Tuesday, Dec. 3 to workshop an initiative about finding ethical clothing providers for the college’s bookstore. Lindsay Geller, the sustainability commissioner, and Sarah Tedesco, the service learning commissioner, are leading the proposal.

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SGA members await special election results

The Student Government Association met briefly Tuesday, Nov. 19 to discuss the initiatives that members are working on and the status of appeal hearings that can take place during its last three meetings of the semester.

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Candidates vie for open spots on SGA

Candidates from the upcoming Student Government Association’s special elections spoke at a Press Night on Nov. 13 about their goals and experience. There are nine open positions. Those who are elected will officially begin their positions next semester.

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Student group wins funds for AIDS awareness event

The Student Government Association approved an appeal by the Musical Theatre Society during its meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 5. The group requested funds for the 13th annual installment of its Emerson Fights AIDS Week.

Fraternity wins appeal money for "Movember"

The Student Government Association approved the first appeal of the semester during its meeting on Tuesday Oct. 29. Brothers of the fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon requested funds for an upcoming monthlong men’s health campaign called Movember.

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SGA appoints committee member, picks contest winner

The Student Government Association met in a closed meeting Tuesday to appoint a member to the Inclusive Excellence Committee. This committee was formed as a part of the Inclusive Excellence Initiative announced during President M. Lee Pelton’s 2012 inaugural address. The group, made up of Emerson faculty, staff members, and a select group of student representatives, will advise Pelton on issues of diversity and inclusion. It is a new committee, created this semester that will meet three times this year, according to SGA President Paul Almeida.

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SGA discusses Organization Recognition and Review Board

Members of the Student Government Association heard presentations about the Organization Recognition and Review Board and diversity and inclusion in the classroom during its meeting on Tuesday.

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SGA votes on sustainability

Eric Van Vlandren, the college’s first campus sustainability coordinator, spoke with members of the Student Government Association about ways they can get involved in his new programs during the meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 1.

Students elected to committees

Four members of the Student Government Association were elected to sit on academic and administrative committees during a meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 24. The group was also given a presentation by professor Tom Cooper on a new school spirit initiative he is spearheading.

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Former nonprofit director brings diverse background to new center

A large, framed thank-you letter propped on the table serves as a reminder of a decade of work in leadership and community impact. The thankful message from the Access Strategies Fund wishes Kelly Bates — the fund’s former director — well as she moves to a new position : the founding executive director of Emerson’s new Elma Lewis Center for Civic Engagement, Learning, and Research.

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Candidates speak during quick event

The Student Government Association hosted a candidate speech night in the Iwasaki Library on Wednesday, Sept. 25 to give contenders a chance to speak about their goals. Six positions were vacant after last semester’s elections.

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SGA has lowest appeal budget in years, says treasurer

The Student Government Association’s budget for appeals is the lowest the group has seen in recent years, according to SGA Treasurer John Dentinger.

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Student Government Association elects commissioners, sets election dates

The Student Government Association determined dates for the upcoming special elections and appointed new commissioners Tuesday during the first SGA meeting of the year.

Boston Strong creators earn celebrity recognition for T-shirt campaign and attend Video Music Awards

A personal invitation to the MTV Video Music Awards seems out of reach for anyone without a platinum album. But Lane Brenner, a recent Emerson graduate, found herself on the guest list when she, along with co-founders of the Boston Strong campaign Nick Reynolds and Chris Dobens, were surprised with tickets to the network’s famous award show for their charitable work.