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Emerson partners with Paris College of Art

“It’s a natural progression that we would partner with an institution like PCA, given its strength in art and design, and so forth, in fine arts, and given our profile,” Pinder said.

EDC kick-starts equipment reservation website

Emerson’s Equipment Distribution Center is rolling out a new website for reserving video production gear.

Video game soundtracks edging towards cinema

These days, video games are striving to convey grander stories, and game music has begun to closely emulate the examples set by movies.

Mouth Moods mashups mix laughter with nostalgia

“One Week” by the Barenaked Ladies is, frankly, not profound. Sure, it’s emblematic of the ‘90s and (almost obnoxiously) catchy, but for most people, that’s where its value ends: nostalgia. But on Mouth Moods, Neil Cicierega’s January 2016 addition to his line of mashup mixtapes, “One Week” becomes something different.