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PigPen Theater Co's 'pop-up' performances pack a punch

On Tuesday afternoon, there was a gaggle of seven young men tuning instruments and perfecting harmonies in the lobby of Little Building. Their dress wasn’t distinctive, at least not at Emerson; there was a mix of peacoats, flannel, boat shoes, and ratty sweaters. More than half of them were wearing beanies. At a glance, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

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Steven Martin Sings 'Songs Through Time'

Mozart’s 'Don Giovanni' is one of the most performed operas in history, from its 1787 debut to Austrian royalty to Peter Sellars’ racially-charged adaptation. Perhaps its most recent excerpted performance was by Steven Martin, Emerson’s director of off-campus student services.

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Under Pressure: Students make short films in the span of 48 hours

From writing the script to scheduling the scenes, framing the shots, and editing it all together, making a short film takes time. But for 180 Emerson student filmmakers last weekend, it took just 48 hours.

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Dead right: Joel Stillerman, alum, helps foster AMC hits

“I would take 10 people who would walk over broken glass to watch my show,” said Stillerman. “Than 1,000 people who think ‘Oh yeah, that sounds okay, maybe I’ll check it out.’”

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Readying for postgrad life, as publisher or published

Each of the three components of the writing, literature, and publishing major is distinct and nuanced in its own right. For the graduating class of 2014, these divides are especially poignant.

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Navigating the 'worlds' of storytelling

This past Sunday, the Bright Family Screening Room played home to the 14th Annual College Film Festival.

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Wayans' World

This past Sunday, comedian Marlon Wayans visited Emerson College to dole out advice on showbiz and life in general.

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Getting vulgar with Bulger: Doc comes to Emerson, accompanied by gangster's former flame

Bright Lights hosted a screening of the new made-for-TV documentary Whitey Bulger: The Making of a Monster.

Emerson prof. emphasizes media literacy

Marketing communications professor Paul Mihailidis brings media doc to campus.

Grad debuts novel at Emerson

Andrew Ladd, an MFA grad from '09, returned to Emerson to debut his first novel, What Ends.

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Families conquer campus activites

More than 500 families registered to attend Family Weekend, which ran from Oct. 18 to Oct. 20.

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Bracelets break down cultural barriers

Michael Notrica created a Kenyan nonprofit to promote cultural awareness.