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Trend—or modern definition of beauty?

At New York Fashion Week, what struck me most wasn’t chunky sweaters, over-the-knee boots, or androgynous inspirations. Instead, I was fascinated by the industry’s merging of models and role models.

Fashionista Gal: break the trend

But there is a world outside of the “Emerson mall” — a place where corporate stores aren’t always the answer and local boutiques can be just as stylish.

Three basic spring coats

We all know that magical feeling when it gets warm enough to shed the layers and no longer have to bundle up in scarves, hats, and heavy coats. As the moment approaches, the outerwear that emerges is lighter, more versatile, and carefree.

Don't sacrifice style for comfort

People usually say they care more about comfort than style. At first, this seems like a sensible explanation, but what they don’t realize is their ugly footwear is making an even uglier statement.

This spring’s fashions

Even though piles of snow line the streets, it’s not too early to start thinking about clothes for spring. With Fashion Week just wrapping up in New York, everyone’s already thinking of next fall’s trends.

Fashionista Gal: A look at Oscar nominees for Best Costume Design

Ornate ball gowns, crowns, and military uniforms dominate the nominations for Best Costume Design at the Oscars this year.

Costume dos and don’ts

Remember to keep your costume just as practical as it is fun. Here are some guidelines for successful Halloween dressing.

Fashionista Gal

While certain colors dominate the runways each season, the rule against wearing pastels in the winter or earth tones in the summer is one to be broken. The same idea applies to prints, fabrics, and silhouettes. Summer clothing—bright patterns or a favorite tank—can be repurposed for the fall. It’s all in the way one assembles an outfit.

Fashionista Gal

A style with an old-school vibe, loafers have been given a new attitude here at Emerson. Not nearly as recognizable as the scuffed penny loafers your grandfather wears, these updated shoes have been covered in gold, silver, black studs and spikes, and come in universal styles for men and women. Leave it to the hipsters to turn preppy shoes into weapons.