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Comedians, quidditch, and cheerleaders, oh my: Unrecognized organizations seek exposure, new recruits

"The purpose of the Alt Org Fair is to give non-recognized groups a chance to advertise themselves." -Sophomore Jess Morse

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New network aims to shed light on alternative sports

"We don't want to be exclusive to Emerson." -Sophomore visual and media arts major Benjamin Hillman

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College games help feed the hungry

The Emerson Hunger Games was sponsored and run by the Class Council of 2015

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Students assist media lab aimed to aid nonprofits

The Next Mile Project is an organization started by Dhar Law, a Boston law firm that set out to start a new trend in nonprofit law, according to the project’s communication associate, Emerson alumna Michelle Nigro.

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New belly dancing class brings a taste of the Middle East to campus

Emerson International hosts weekly belly dancing classes.

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College collaborates with Colombian university

Dr. Tamera Marko, director of Emerson’s first-year writing program, has been working with professor Edgar Arroyo Castro, dean of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Medellin, through a program called Proyecto Boston Medellin, which connects Emerson and other schools with Colombia.