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Muppets Most Wanted finds what fans are looking for

Jasper Yeo praises the latest Muppet installment "Muppets Most Wanted" over the previous chapter, the much more critically acclaimed "The Muppets."

A fitting farewell for a master of animated filmmaking

Film columnist Jasper Yeo analyzes animation great Hayao Miyazaki's last film.

Finding humanity in The Act of Killing

Jasper Yeo reviews 2014 Oscar Best Documentary nominee The Act of Killing, now available for streaming on Netflix.

Navigating "lost-at-sea" movies

Beacon columnist Jasper Yeo talks about the recent trend of "lost-at-sea" movies such as this year's All Is Lost, starring Robert Redford.

Defying Gravity: CuarĂ³n's space flick dazzles

Film columnist Jasper Yeo reviews the new sci-fi film Gravity.

Over the rainbow into IMAX 3D

Jasper Yeo looks back on a classic film with a fresh coat of paint.

Like father, like son?

From Up on Poppy Hill is a relaxed 1960s period drama about the life of Umi Matsuzaki (dubbed by Sarah Bolger), a girl living in Yokohama, and her relationship with fellow student and editor of the school newspaper Shun Kazama (Aton Yelchin).