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From housewife to ecological activist

The Nashua River — once a technicolor dreamcoat of pollution and human waste — is now a cleaner version of its past, foul form.


Evil Mustache Productions develops campaign

Filming took place in upstate New York on a low budget and during monsoon-like weather. Working 18-hour days with a cast and crew of about 52 people, Bernstein took the directors chair, while Bass took an administrative role on set. The system worked, allowing for filming to be completed in 17 days.


Heels, glitter, and Sapphira Cristal

At the end of the night sophomore visual and media arts major Darian Carpenter was crowned the winner.


A city escape attracts young and old

Galvin blames video games, computers and the parental fear of “stranger danger” for handcuffing 21st century children to their couches.


Emerson's Ted Cutler thinks Outside the Box

The Outside the Box music and arts festival, a brainchild of Emerson College alum and frequent benefactor Theodore H. Cutler, hopes to join the ranks of the Zoo and Lolla.


Bright Lights: From Occupy to Black Magic

American Autumn, The Last Taboo and the Boston Creative Pro User Group (BOSPCPUG) presentation were all brought to Emerson over the course of two weeks courtesy of the program.


Birds to Bullets: MFA students screen films

The 3 Suicides of Paul Hamilton by Daniel Gerges was one of five films screened in Emerson College’s Bright Family Screening Room on Sunday night for the MFA Media Arts Thesis film screening.


Art Comes to Emerson

In an effort to transform the skeleton scaffolding surrounding the Little Building, Emerson College installed a banner and light show created by two contemporary artists, Yoon Lee and John Powell.

Money$hot Funneling to Fame

On an inconspicuous rooftop in the South End, onlookers from below might have believed it was just drunk college kids enjoying the summer night. In reality, there was a much bigger bacchanal.


Nice Guys rock Allston underground

Nice Guys, a recently-formed band featuring three Emerson students, thrives in the Allston underbelly for both rehearsal and performance space.


Rareworks celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with Irish double bill

While the rest of Boston was getting in touch with their Irish side with gratuitous green and Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day, Rareworks Theatre Company chose to reveal a darker side of the Emerald Isle.


Joseph Freeman blasts off

Though Joseph Freeman’s recent album release keeps an airy tone as his characters “tiger kick” their way through the galaxy, the Emerson comedian’s motivations for the quirky creation comes from an unexpectedly personal and cathartic place.


Comedian Ben Kronberg deadpans his way to Emerson

Ben Kronberg strolled into Emerson’s Café covered head to toe in denim, a guitar strapped across his back, thick black-framed glasses resting on his nose, and an unruly gray beard that could have belonged to Rip Van Winkle. This winter, the Colorado native is bringing his raunchy, deadpan humor to college campuses across the Northeast.

With slam, Poetry Project reviews hopeful bards

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Like Crazy offers refreshingly honest take on romance

<p></p><p>Budding actors Anton Yelchin and Feli...

Like Crazy offers refreshingly honest take on romance

<p></p><p>Budding actors Anton Yelchin and Feli...

Emerson students turn on the lights in Boston rapper’s video

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