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Emerson and Berklee connect via dance

Students anxiously looked on as Berklee College of Music alumna Katalin Matyus sashayed across the room. “Slow, quick, quick, slow,” said Matyus as she demonstrated a dance move during her four-hour lesson. Matyus — who studied performance and professional music — has been instructing free dance classes to Berklee and Emerson students twice a week since 2007.

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“S*** Girls Say” spinoffs reach Emerson, twice

An idea struck freshman Erin Arata over winter break. After watching the “shit [fill in the blank] say” phenomenon unfold, the writing, literature, and publishing major decided to create a video specific to her school: “Shit Emerson Girls Say.” Videos have cropped up on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, initially with “Shit Girls Say,” a parody portraying stereotypes of things girls may say. Variations of the video range from “Shit Boston Guys Say” to “Shit Nobody Says.” The original video was posted Dec. 12, 2011 and went viral, with 14,182,488 views as of Wednesday night.