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Hunter Harris

Managing Editor, News and Opinion

Hunter Harris is the managing editor of the Beacon's news, sports, and opinion sections. She is a senior journalism major with a minor in political science.

Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Hunter began at the Beacon as the assistant opinion editor during the second semester of her freshman year. During her time at the Beacon, she has also worked as the opinion editor and deputy news editor.

In addition to her work for the Beacon, Hunter is a communications intern at the John F. Kennedy School of Government's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University. In prevous semesters she has interned at O, The Oprah Magazine, Boston magazine, The New York Observer,, and Politico.

Harris can be reached at


Strangers in the streets, buddies in the Tweets

The closeness we feel to followers and virtual confidants isn’t real because it has no air to breathe, only a heart to “favorite.”

White boys with bad posture

Joking about whiteness sometimes feels like a revolutionary act.

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A reminder oppression can be internalized

The privilege that empowers someone to use skin color to diminish you is poisonous enough to become internalized.

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‘I slay, we slay’: 'Formation' flaunts black femininity

“Formation” posits that our culture might not be negro-owned, but it’s negro-operated.

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A whitewashed awards season

I want the Oscars to grow and expand, but I can’t wait for them.

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Protests’ critics reduce rightful desires to whines

So of course these protests will be messy, and they ought to make us all uncomfortable.

Lady business: Female friendship deserves mainstream focus

It’s a shame that it’s so hard to just turn on TV or open a magazine and see women appreciating one another.

For rap's female fans, a delicate dissonance

It’s a curious quandary when the songs that serve as the soundtrack to one protest play into the basis of another.

Millennial readers ought to be shown journalism’s receipts

So many 18-34 year olds fundamentally do not understand that the reported stories they share on Twitter and the commentary they post to Facebook costs real dollars to produce, expenses they aren’t always contributing to.

It's about :clock4: emojis :no_entry_sign: just :woman:

The fact that it’s taken approximately four years for Apple to create these diverse emojis reveals a lot about cultural visibility—namely, who does and doesn’t belong in which technological spaces.

Sexist harassment flies under the web’s radar

This is more than cyberbullying. These are specific threats launched at women for sharing their opinions, a gendered form of harassment that after-school specials don’t address.

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Frat footage apologists misplace blame

The realization that so many white people think it’s their place to forgive other white people for their wrongs against people of color is totally and frustratingly incomprehensible.

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The Beacon's 2015 Oscar Picks

See the films that Beacon staff members think should win Academy Awards.

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David Carr, 1956 - 2015

The consummate newsman, Carr wasn’t afraid to criticize himself or condemn subjects as difficult and complex as his own soul.

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Cosby revelations bring new attention to racial accountability

For every minority it falsely argues in favor of, this idea of respectability—whether voiced by Bill Cosby or Bill O’Reilly—conflates overly simplistic solutions with generation, systematic social ailments.

The n-word: Loaded expletive unmasks racial realities

Some well-intentioned but ultimately clueless “advocates” allow for an implied universality that the n-word applies to both the black speaker and white listener equally.

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For climate change, judicial action might be key

This blatant disregard for science and reason has become the Republican party’s standard environment policy.

Culturally inclusive feminism exists outside of the mainstream

It’s not necessary to advocate for a feminism that singularly speaks to and addresses prejudices against women of color—only a feminism that acknowledges the diversity of the female experience and works to improve conditions for all women.

Meme Supreme: Justice Ginsburg’s internet fame

The popularity of “Notorious R.B.G.,” a play on the rapper’s name, is bound by neither media nor medium, which only speaks to the expansiveness of her popularity.

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Execution procedures need injection of transparency

A standardized national procedure for carrying out a death sentence would be beneficial, but more critical is transparency from execution chambers across the country.

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Vogue finds a booty it can get behind

This isn’t the beginning of a big booty “movement” so much as it is the middle of a big booty “moment”—one in which our recognition that an array of female forms and figures exist has become a marketable, acceptable conception.

Alcohol-infused ice cream venture wins E3

Senior Elizabeth Nash won E3's student pitches for her product idea Crème de Liqueur.

Program offers DH study space into early morning

The All-Nighters Club is a new program co-sponsored by the Iwasaki Library and Emerson Business Services to open the Little Building Dining Hall that runs from 1-6 a.m.

EVVY Awards nominations announced

Nominations for the 33rd annual EVVY Awards, an annual show recognizing student work, were released on Wednesday via the organization’s website.

CSD professor gets $1.5M for autism research

A $1.5 million, four-year grant awarded to Ruth Grossman, an assistant professor of communication sciences and disorders, will fund a new lab specifically for autism research.

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Arun Gandhi plants message of compassion

Arun Gandhi, a 79-year-old South African native and grandson of Mohandas Gandhi, talked to an audience of over 160 community members on April 7.

Emerson’s LA Center will offer new summer courses

This summer, Emerson Los Angeles will offer classes for working professionals and graduates in makeup design, social media, and entertainment law, and specifically for undergraduates, a magazine publishing class.

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Flooding from sprinkler damages rooms, displaces residents

Several rooms in the Little Building suffered water damage after a sprinkler erupted on the eighth floor, forcing some students to vacate their rooms indefinitely, remove their property, and stay up in the wee hours of Monday morning.

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Five full-time faculty hired

A search that began in fall 2013 for seven new faculty members yielded five hires in the visual and media arts, performing arts, and communication studies departments.

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After racial profiling allegations, college removes guard

A series of incidents in the Little Building left two African-American professors believing they were racially profiled and led to the removal of a Securitas officer from the college.

Five new full-time faculty members hired by the college

A search that began in fall 2013 for seven new faculty members yielded five hires in the visual and media arts, performing arts, and communication studies departments.

The Beacon's Oscar Picks

The Beacon's in-house selections for Oscar gold.

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West to conduct new research on gay community

Professor Richard West is a recipient of an internal award which will allow him to conduct a research project about the relationships same-sex parents have with their children’s public school systems.

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Emerson’s game lab to test new civic work project

Civic Seed, a game created by Emerson’s Engagement Game Lab and Tufts University’s Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service, engages gamers to think about civic engagement and volunteering.

New civic media program to bring in 4 faculty members

Emerson will hire four new professors to focus on the intersection of new media, civic engagement, and activism.

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Institutional research to begin in February

To better understand student impressions of the phrase “academic challenge” and gauge student knowledge of the ProArts Consortium, the Office of Institutional Research is hosting focus groups and compiling survey data.

Thumb 140 1391064994 anthonypinder courtesygeorgiagwinittcollege.jpg

New administrator hired for global engagement

Anthony L. Pinder, Emerson’s newest administrator, will work closely with administrators, students, and faculty members across Emerson’s campuses to create a global strategy for the college.

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Emerson remembers and honors late professor

Faculty, staff, and students who knew Karl Baehr gathered with friends and family of the late marketing professor and senior executive-in-residence to remember his life and influence at a Jan. 17 memorial service at the Cutler Majestic Theater.

Respect yo selfie

Despite the Buzzfeed listicles or Esquire columns that suggest otherwise, the act of taking a selfie isn’t always desperate or selfish

Fund to aid students' extracurricular projects

Emerson students pursuing artistic or academic endeavors can often hit a wall: Finding money to finance passion projects is difficult, especially when student loans or financial aid dollars are only allocated for tuition payments. Enter the Emerson Enhancement Fund, a new trust subsidized by a $2 million donation made in July to the college’s financial aid department, the largest gift in the department’s history.

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Yeezus Christ superstar

In the constant disconnect between culture and West’s persona, the fault is the narrow definitions of success, genius, and artistry that govern public perception and media coverage.

To reform education, no quick fix exists

Just as privilege breeds privilege, disadvantage breeds disadvantage.

The revolution is never televised

Roots, the ABC miniseries based on the Alex Haley novel of the same name, is nearly 40 years old; a well-produced narrative of the American slave experience is long overdue.

Twerk Miley, Miley, twerk

Cyrus' "progressiveness" (if you can call it that) only happens at the expense of the hyper-sexualization and/or objectification of other women, usually of color.

Rage against the voting machine

An unengaged, uninformed, non-voting populace is a much more present threat than a handful of cases of voter fraud

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Play for Pay: Collegiate exploitation

There’s an allure to college sports, a lust inherent in a lot of us for the school spirit that often comes with them, and it’s a shame that most of this comes at the expense of the athletes that provide it.

Pseudo-politics for the teenage soul

It’s unfortunate that the best examples of youthful democratic engagement and civil responsibility no longer come to fuition in a voting booth or on the senate floor.

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A challenging future for the young

The largely depressed state of our economy is a generational problem, one that will only fester if further left untreated, devastating the job prospects of Emerson graduates more than those from many other schools.

Less than a local, more than a tourist

I wouldn’t feel right calling myself a local because it’s not home yet: I’ve built nothing here, enhanced nothing, left no existential mark.

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On Twitter, feuds hit where they really hurt

It’s the rise of this bifurcated online self that made the recent Twitter brawl between Chris Brown and Jenny Johnson arresting, especially since Johnson was so unknown. She’s no celebrity, yet her comments elicited sexually explicit personal attacks from one of the most notorious celebrities on the planet.

Thumb 140 republican oliviadinucci

GOP identity crisis calls for reality check

In any official capacity, the GOP won’t choose between talkshow windbags and critical minority voters, just as it won’t choose bipartisanship over extremism; it will continue to provide loopholes for high-income supporters to the detriment of middle and lower-class Americans.