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What does it mean to be an ally?

By taking the time to step back and consider your own unique privilege, you make yourself more aware of what your role is in today’s social movements. You don’t want to accidentally overstep your limitations and further marginalize voices that are already beneath yours.

Broadening horizons in unexpected ways

I went into my gap year in Paris with preconceived notions of how much I would learn about the language and culture of France. But at the end of my experience, I realized that immersing yourself in an unfamiliar culture teaches more than that. I learned how to wonder about the way the world looks to those not standing in my shoes.

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Discussion and disconnect: democracy from the sidelines

The experience of having to be a bystander in two landmark decisions has solidified the importance of democracy for me.

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Living through a lens: a fractured view of American life

The media I was exposed to portrays life here in extremes, but day-to-day life is somewhere in the middle.