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Tenure applications reach record high

“When you have to fight, even when you win, there’s repercussions,” Brown said. “Some of it is embarrassment, and some of it is anger and pain. And I know I went through it. I was angry for a long time. But I’m still here.”

Union considers incorporating distinguished faculty

“Over the years there have been benefits that have fallen over to the tenure faculty that the term faculty did not receive,” Robert Colby, performing arts professor and president of the ECCAAUP said. “Though the current administration has gone a long way to ensure that access to travel funds, research funds, and so forth, are now available to term faculty.”

Real Talk creates conversations, supports students

“This program is not necessarily for students who have an ongoing sense that they need support,” Blum said. “It’s a place to find a greater diversity in friendship, a place where you can be heard.”