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Emily Murphy

Lifestyle Editor

Emily Murphy is Lifestyle editor. She is a writing, literature, and publishing major, and she plans to graduate in 2013 with a BFA in nonfiction and a minor in psychology. In past years, she has written for her high school newspaper, The Graphic, focusing on opinion pieces and feature stories.

Murphy has grown up in an editorial world, with a father in freelance editing, a mother in publishing, and a brother in copyediting. Currently, she is also the fiction editor for the Emerson Review. In the future, Murphy aims to pursue a publishing career, preferably working with magazines. She was adopted at a young age from Seoul, Korea and was raised in Amherst, Mass.

Murphy can be reached at

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Activist speaks about racism

Tim Wise speaks with the occasional lyricism of a spoken word poet. He does so quickly, running ideas in circles around each other and pausing for the odd sip of water.

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Graduating students to share theses at WLP awards

Every year, a horde of writing, literature, and publishing seniors scramble to finish their theses to complete their Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees. Some sit at their computers in revision purgatory while others chatter to their thesis advisors about overflowing ideas. Today, a handful will be given awards.

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Under the sea: Alum becomes professional mermaid

Linden Wolbert, an Emerson alumna, loves the ocean. Her job consists of modeling underwater, being an ocean videographer, and attending events to raise awareness about wildlife conservation. During almost all of these activities, she dons a 35-pound, silicone mermaid tail.

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Jumpstart shares their stories to recruit members

Jumpstart officially started its Sharing Your Story campaign last week. The goal of this event is for students in the program, called Corps members, to tell their peers about insightful experiences they’ve had in the past year while helping the preschoolers.

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Emerson professor publishes biography on Margaret Fuller

Six years of work on a biography by Assistant Professor Megan Marshall about women’s rights activist and journalist Margaret Fuller came to a close last Tuesday, when the finished product was released.

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Quidditch teams raise money for World Cup

The Quidditch World Cup is doing things a bit differently this year by adding a Division II slot, moving the location and date, and holding Regional championships. Because of these changes, two Emerson teams need to raise enough money to get them to the competition.

Office of Diversity and Inclusion hosts workshop to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day

To many, Martin Luther King Jr. Day is just a break from work. It’s an excuse for a weekend getaway, or a time to shop MLK Day sales. But for others, the day is an important time of consideration.

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Reduce, reuse, Recyclemania

Kaela Holmes, a junior journalism major and co-president of Earth Emerson, said that Recyclemania, an annual competition with participation from colleges in the U.S. and Canada, is coming to campus Feb. 4 through the end of March.

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Mag to choose new scaffolding artist

During the summer, the Little Building scaffolding got a makeover. This interactive work done by artist John Powell, overseen by the visual and media arts department, was the catalyst for Gauge Magazine’s “Outside” text/walk contest.

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New org to fill health comm niche

As a result, she and some of her peers created the student-run group The Health Agency in September.

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So you think you can cook?

At the dining hall, some students take cuisine creativity into their own hands. Piling plates with bizarre combinations or making art sculptures out of ice cream sundaes, these budding chefs might want to think about becoming contestants for a new Emerson show in the works: Dining Hall Star.

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Student Life goodies up for grabs

According to Sharon Duffy, the associate dean of students, Student Life started giving out free passes to advanced film screenings in 2001 in an effort to connect students to the city of Boston.

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The cost of Greek Life

Each semester, Greek organizations ask their members to pay a fee.

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OLs welcome new students with enthusiasm

It was the last day of training. At lunchtime in the dining hall, a mass of orientation leaders sat down, pen and paper in hand while they wrote letters to the incoming students they would be in charge of  for a week — a task Orientation Core Staff had given them.

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Emerson teams up with scholar-athlete program

O’Brien said that he believes keeping eligibility for student athletes is one of the biggest struggles in inner-city schools. High school students are required to pass an equivalent of four year-long courses during the marking period prior to their athletic season, while undergraduate athletes in the NCAA must maintain at least a 1.7 GPA, depending on how many credits they are taking per semester, according to its website.

Mentorship program helps pair students with professionals

Every year, about 50 freshmen and sophomores compete for a spot in the mentor program. The number accepted is small—only 10 of those students will gain a professional confidant in their field of choice, according to Carol Spector, the director of Career Services.

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Alum teaches marketing students tricks of the trade

Instead of walking down the aisle of a church, the bride took her steps between rows of size eight shoes. The wedding ceremony took place in a T.J. Maxx store in July 2010. Numerous outlets, including The Today Show, USA Today, and the Associated Press, aired the unconventional wedding footage nationwide. It may have been the perfect ceremony for the bride and groom, but it also proved to be the perfect PR move for T.J. Maxx.

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Brownstones, bars, bistros, and Berklee kids

From Hynes Convention Center to the Fenway T-stop on the green line lies what realtors refer to as the Fenway Triangle. The streets of the triangle are filled with funky restaurants, lively night clubs, trendy coffee shops, and hoards of students from Berklee College of Music.

The ups and downs of Mission Hill

For junior Jordan Koluch, life on Mission Hill has its peaks and valleys. Her most notable gripe, she said, is the inconsistency of the E train on the Green Line, which she takes to school every day. “The E line sucks. Sometimes it takes me 45 minutes to get to school. Sometimes I’m standing in the street, waiting for the T in the torrential rain,” said the writing, literature, and publishing major. “There are beautiful days when some sort of spirit is smiling upon you and the T is there, and it [only] takes 20 minutes.”

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College’s oldest dept. proves to be small but mighty

A piece of brain dropped on the floor. Associate Professor Vinoth Jagaroo, joked “Don’t worry, I’ll pick that up,” and the crowd laughed, eager to break the tension of a cerebral dissection. Jagaroo moved on to the next step. He steadied the scalpel in his gloved hand, ready to make a careful incision.