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Freshman founds Muslim Student Association

“I wouldn’t say [my experience at Emerson] was negative, but it was lonely,” DeBruyn said. “There really wasn’t any forum where Muslim kids could meet.”

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Freshman founds Muslim Student Association

“I felt like I stood out a lot. I came here as a film major, and I am very aware the lack of diversity within the film world,” El-Mohandess said. “It was nice to know there were other Muslims [at Emerson] too.”

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SheCult collective plans to publish magazine

“We want to serve as a collective in the sense that we’re more encompassing than just a platform for the school, which we do exist in and within, but we want to open it up to Boston and beyond,” Barber said.

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College hires Pulitzer winner

This semester Farrell is teaching classes on digital journalism and photojournalism. He said he plans to teach documentary photography in the spring.