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Eliza Florendo

Assistant Lifestyle Editor

Eliza Florendo is the co-assistant lifestyle editor at The Berkeley Beacon. She is studying journalism with a minor in publishing.

She is the managing editor of Hey,Hey!Gorgeous, where she manages a blog focused on beauty, hair and fashion. Florendo is also a blogger for Lexington Patch, where she writes about life as a college student and events in Lexington, Mass.

Florendo can be reached at


ERA Awards plan to shin

After hosting a fundraiser for the Japan tsunami disaster and six events for Asian Heritage Month last year, junior Charles DeRupe was in for a surprise. DeRupe, the marketing manager of the Emerson Recognition and Achievement Awards last year, was presented with the Student Leader of the Year award. After putting on an event every month in the academic year for Asian Students for Intercultural Awareness, the organization president’s hard work paid off.

Kappa Gamma Chi hosts annual week-long awareness campaign

Under dim Christmas lights and paper heart cutouts strung on the walls sat 12 round tables with Hershey’sKisses and artificial tea candles. Pieces of paper reading “The course of true love never did run smooth” and other quotes about love awaited a crowd of 68 performers and audience members.

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Hempologist talks cannabis with students

A bright tie-dye tapestry runs across one wall of a Walker Building lecture hall and hemp paraphernalia and products -- lip balm, oatmeal, non-dairy desserts, and a block of cement -- rest on a table in front of an attentive audience.

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“S*** Girls Say” spinoffs reach Emerson, twice

An idea struck freshman Erin Arata over winter break. After watching the “shit [fill in the blank] say” phenomenon unfold, the writing, literature, and publishing major decided to create a video specific to her school: “Shit Emerson Girls Say.” Videos have cropped up on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, initially with “Shit Girls Say,” a parody portraying stereotypes of things girls may say. Variations of the video range from “Shit Boston Guys Say” to “Shit Nobody Says.” The original video was posted Dec. 12, 2011 and went viral, with 14,182,488 views as of Wednesday night.

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A Look Inside: Animation and Motion Media Program

Bilali Kalilou-Mack has grown accustomed to melding the real and the imaginary. The junior visual and media arts major spends hours sculpting virtual realities on his computer, and is one of 38 students with a concentration in animation and motion media according to Colleen Kelly, the coordinator for the department.

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