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Media moguls swapped out for meme makers

It will soon be possible to earn a living off of making memes, and I intend to be first in line.

Writing as a work in progress

This is the conflict of the young writer, and in many ways, of all young artists. We have so much energy and passion to put into our work, but not the experience to know how to properly analyze it.

They say they want a revolution

Let your voice be heard, and push our government toward the laws that we desperately need.

Taking violent music as art, not action

Learn to differentiate between what promotes violence and negativity, and what explores and confronts negative emotions.

Police transparency is an absolute necessity

Every time a catalyzing tragedy happens, the conversation it sparks seems to always be on borrowed time.

Arguments for the right battle arguments for the reasonable

It seems to be a flaw in human instinct that we are so inherently drawn to being right, that we often choose to cling painfully tight to our false beliefs rather than accept being wrong.

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As schools struggle, Ivy League students deserve empathy

It’s abundantly clear that Ivy League institutions suffer from the same problems as the rest of the nation’s colleges.

Necessary nap time can put fears to rest

Sleep deprivation has become something to take pride in.

For people of color, mandatory minimums with maximum damage

While these harsh sentences were meant to discourage the use and sale of drugs, statistics show that this has not been the case.

For mentally ill, cliche jokes instead of meaningful aid

The disrespect for the mentally ill stems from a number of societal trends.

Traffic reform a final frontier for American freedom

The United States should implement the shared space policy slowly and responsibly in non-urban areas similar to the towns in Europe.

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Clickbait: Better to bite the head that ledes you

The only way to stop clickbait is to stop biting it. The media delivers what the consumer wants, and if we demand more actual news from our news sources, they will provide it.

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Legal intoxicants demonstrate necessity of drug reform

United States drug policies are far from comprehensive and have nothing to do with the intoxication caused by the substance itself.

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Game recognizes game: virtual spectator sports on the rise

The sports world is becoming more diverse and inclusive, and esports will one day swim in the mainstream.

Excessive police weapons do not give license to kill

Why is America the only developed nation in which police officers routinely overuse lethal force?

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Ice ice maybe: Throwing cold water on viral challenge

The money donated to the ALS Association as a result of the challenge is a good thing, but is indicative of a culture of ignorance and simplicity.

When nice guys are sexist with a smile

Nice guy sexism is the idea that women are sex machines meant to accept kindness as currency

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When there’s smoke there’s fire

Banning smoking on the Common actually worsens the problem of secondhand smoke for nonsmoking citizens

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The dangers of fandoms

It’s abundantly clear that our addiction to entertainment is costing us more than that of drinking habit.