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Emerson bloggers shine in cyber spotlight

Lifestyle blogging is more than just putting your life on the internet for fun. It is now a real platform for people to express themselves and their opinions.

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Knitting for those in need

Giuliana Hazelwood first learned how to knit in elementary school. It wasn’t taught at her school, so she asked her teacher to train her. Now, it serves as a form of meditation. Knitting helps her shut off her brain. She can knit every night before going to bed when she is dedicated to a specific project.

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Aesthete: The key to unlocking a new city

Aesthete produces videos of passionate and cultured locals talking about their favorite places to go around their home cities.

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Mood magazine gives artists colorful direction

The design of the publication is simple, the art is varied, and there’s only one rule: create to the hue.