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Theater should tackle, not just concede to, technology

The theater is one of a few places left where a person is expected to turn off their cell phone, sit still, and pay attention. It is not surprising, then, that the growing trend of “Tweet Seats” is so bitterly opposed by journalists and bloggers covering theater.

Achieving both intimacy and honesty in theater

Artist Adrian Howells leads a sole audience member into a private room. The spectator removes his or her shoes and socks, and Howells gives them a thirty-minute foot wash.

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Oscar reviews: Rango confronts the generation's media-induced identity

In the year 2011, when many films were nothing but pale mirages, Rango revealed itself to be a pure oasis in the desert of commercial animation.

When Shakespeare dependence hits point of diminishing returns

I don’t care if he’s the Greatest Writer in the History of the English Language — it is time to reevaluate our relationship with William Shakespeare.