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Lifestyle Editor

Barbara Platts is a print journalism major with minors in photography and health communication. She has been with The Berkeley Beacon since she first came to Emerson in fall 2009. She has worked as the photography editor and as a reporter and editor for the Lifestyle section.

Last summer, she reported for Trail Runner Magazine in Carbondale, Colo., covering stories about speed records on the Appalachian Trail, the growing popularity of running in the United States, and trail race recaps in North America.

She has also worked as a public relations intern for a boutique-marketing agency in Allston and at in Denver.

As she continues her journalism career, she plans to focus much more on health reporting and communicating by getting involved in organizations and working on her blog on staying healthy while in college.

Platts can be reached at

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The exciting challenge of healthy diet

Granted, one does not need to adopt extremes on either end of the nutrition spectrum. Most of us are fortunate enough to not have to eat McDonald’s or other cheap grub for every meal or limit our eating restrictions to cleanses consisting of liquid.

Thumb 140 marathon barb

Riding the bandit wave

John Furey, Emerson’s cross-country coach, said that running as a bandit takes nothing away from the achievement. “You’re the same as everybody else, but at the end you don’t get the official time and you don’t get the finisher’s medal,” Furey said in a phone interview. “It doesn’t take away from the accomplishment that you made in your heart.”

New learning community looks to fill intramural void

Like the living green community, which stresses eco-friendliness, and the writer’s block that conducts workshops and critiques, the active living community will provide students with a fitness-minded environment. Cortizo became an RA her sophomore year, and since then she’s wanted to help create a floor like this one.

Thumb 140 dsc 0093

Dressed to profess

In many professors’ offices around campus, bookshelves filled with Milton, Fanon, and Faust line the walls. In Brad Verter’s office in the Walker Building, a clothing rack houses an abundance of colorful, patterned ties and sports jackets in fabrics like tweed and wool.

Thumb 140 finalprocrastination

Procrastination Station

An all-nighter like this sounds all too familiar for many college students who have mastered, or at least practiced, the art of procrastination. Studies conducted in the last six years have shown that 70 percent of college students procrastinate and 50 percent admit that it is a real problem for them, according to Tracy McLaughlin-Volpe, an assistant professor of psychology.

Thumb 140 barbara stairs

When winter winds wail, athletes find alternatives

Some athletes take on personal goals in the winter when their sport is not in season. The women’s cross-country captain, Heather Hoglund, is training for a half marathon in March. She said that it’s important to get inventive with workouts, especially when it’s cold outside.

Thumb 140 ambulance1 bigwood

Emerson named #3 Hipster Campus

Walking through Emerson’s campus, over-sized flannel, under-sized skinny jeans, thick glasses without lenses, and outdated cameras abound. These are just some of the reasons Emerson has been ranked the third most hipster school in the nation by College Magazine.

Thumb 140 flyer2

Student Spill provides anonymous support through website

Sometimes it is easier to tell a complete stranger a secret. That is the philosophy that the Emerson chapter of Student Spill, an anonymous email-based college support network holds. The organization was launched in 2009, but came to Emerson last fall. President and founder of Student Spill at Emerson, Sarah Benkendorf, said she first read about the organization on last spring and immediately connected to it.

Thumb 140 ryan central 01

Central Living

With spring soon approaching, rising juniors and seniors are beginning their search for off-campus dwellings for the next school year. According to an email from residence life sent to current sophomores, the projected availability for housing for the 2012-2013 academic year is approximately 200 beds. The estimate means that roughly 600 rising juniors will need to look elsewhere for housing.

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