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Andrew Doerfler

Managing Editor, Arts & Features

Andrew Doerfler is The Berkeley Beacon's managing editor for arts, lifestyle, and features.

Doerfler began his career at the Beacon in the first semester of his freshman year, writing previews of upcoming concerts in Boston. As a former arts editor, he led the section's effort to focus its coverage on campus theater, film and other performance pieces. In the fall of 2012, he served as a Living/Arts Co-op at The Boston Globe, where he covered the city's arts and culture. He now serves as a Metro Desk correspondent for the Globe.

Doerfler is a senior journalism major and a former staff writer for

Doerfler can be reached at


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Out of the box

Just pretend you’re hitting your way through your final Fundamentals of Speech Communication project.

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Crossing Plaths

Spend Saturday with one of literature’s most tumultuous marriages, as Mercutio Troupe presents The Landscape Project.

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Is there a Doctor in the playhouse?

Let your heart grow three sizes as you watch this musical based on the works of rhyme-master and creature-crafter Theodor Geisel.

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Reel inclusive

Celebrate the Boston LGBT Film Festival’s 30th year, right here on campus.

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Pitch, please

All four requisitely punny Emerson a cappella groups will gather for the first time ever for a grand ode to the unadulterated human voice.

Man attempts to set fire to Masonic Lodge, a building next to Ansin

A man was arrested Monday night after allegedly attempting to set fire to the Grand Masonic Lodge of Massachusetts at the corner of Boylston and Tremont Streets.

The Beacon's Oscar Picks

The Beacon's in-house selections for Oscar gold.

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Defining contemporary art, or not: Student curators bring disparate artists to campus gallery

Visual art installations on Emerson’s campus often have to wedge themselves into space built for other purposes. The Huret & Spector Gallery offers an exception.

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'Roads is where the heart is: Neighborhood pub kept alumni coming back

On April 12, alumni gathered to drink, reminisce, and find themselves in the pictures on the walls of Crossroads Irish Pub, which would close a week later. From 1978 until the college left Back Bay, ’Roads was an Emerson fixture.

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There and back again

Kevin Bright, an alumnus who was one of the original executive producers of the mega-hit TV show Friends, will lead the Los Angeles Center, set to open early next year.

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Pub Club books blend youth, experience

CJ Nadeau’s novella The Mousetrap Rose creates a drug-flattened dystopian landscape, then splashes it with playfully surrealist imagery that the author has carried from his youth. Meanwhile, Donnie Welch’s poetry collection Who Gave These Flamingoes Those Tuxedos? peppers neuroses into Seussian verse.

Place Beyond the Pines tracks legacy in three parts

Derek Cianfrance asks something of his audience. The director’s 2010 debut feature Blue Valentine made viewers witness the blooming of a beautiful love affair while simultaneously bearing its frustrated implosion six years later. With his new film The Place Beyond the Pines, which opens in the Boston area on April 5, Cianfrance expects just as much patience.

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As downtown develops, college touts its history

Downtown Boston’s reinvigoration has been a long time coming, and Emerson has expanded with it.

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Controversial performer talks Disney, drugs, and dissent

Early last year, Mike Daisey was getting a lot of attention. His monologue, The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs, in part about the working conditions in the Chinese factories that manufactured Apple products, had been adapted for the radio show This American Life. It quickly became the program’s most-downloaded episode. Two months later, Daisey got a different kind of attention, when This American Life issued an episode-long retraction of the segment after it was discovered that he had invented certain stories in the piece

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Music videos on the big screen

The department of visual and media arts will be screening a selection of finalists from last year’s Los Angeles Music Video Festival in the Bright Family Screening Room.

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Theater center to follow playwright residencies

The Center for the Theater Commons’ role, in part, will be to follow and document the residencies, which begin in July.

EVVY nominations announced

The nominations for the 31st EVVY Awards were announced yesterday and recognized student work across the college's departments.

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Beacon around Boston: Independent Film Festival Boston

Next week, Independent Film Festival Boston is launching its 10th annual event. For the second year in a row, the Beacon will be there to cover it with film reviews, festival updates, and interviews with filmmakers.

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Fractals and flirtation in a collaborative Café

Throughout the semester, Emerson students have been working with SITI Company, under the direction of company co-founder Anne Bogart, to create the new musical Café Variations.

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Oscar reviews: 3D finds a worthy subject in Pina

Pina gorgeously renders a collage of dance routines, making it one of the few films so far to offer something truly new with this technology.

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Oscar Reviews: The Descendants betrays one of director's major strengths

Alexander Payne has made great films that carry inherent tragedy in their protagonists. The movies rose above other reflective character studies because it was never certain if these men actually deserved redemption.

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Alumni-run theater company gets In-Yer-Face

The Brown Box Theatre Project produces shows that might be hard to sit through, but that’s the point. The company wants to challenge audiences even if that means churning some stomachs.

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Uncommon Commons

Polly Carl and David Dower have a vision for theater — one that encourages new work and makes it easily-accessible. They’ve decided Emerson is the place to bring that vision to life.

ArtsEmerson aspires to engage local community with new season

<p></p><p>For its inaugural season, ArtsEmerson...

ArtsEmerson aspires to engage local community with new season

<p></p><p>For its inaugural season, ArtsEmerson...

Tired story lines touch down on Another Earth

<p></p><p>There’s a whole lot of potential in t...

Color Me Obsessed is an effective tribute to The Replacements, but won’t recruit new fans

<p>&nbsp;</p><p>Throughout the 1980s, Minnesota...

Color Me Obsessed is an effective tribute to The Replacements, but won’t recruit new fans

<p>&nbsp;</p><p>Throughout the 1980s, Minnesota...


<p>&nbsp;</p><p>Certain parts of <em>Convento</...


<p>&nbsp;</p><p>Certain parts of <em>Convento</...

30th Evvys nominees prepare for primetime

<p>&nbsp;</p><p>The school year is all but over...

WECB showcases diversity and accessibility in concert

<p></p><p>At any given time, listeners to WECB,...

Boston music scene goes on the Record

<p></p><p>Audiophiles across the world (includ...

Boston music scene goes on the Record

<p></p><p>Audiophiles across the world (includ...

Warhol distorts rock concert, fame in pair of films

<p></p><p>In May of 1967, vice squad detectives...

Primacy Effect moves forward by looking back

<p></p><p>For some, nostalgia induces pangs of...

Primacy Effect moves forward by looking back

<p></p><p>For some, nostalgia induces pangs of...

Professor’s film stares into the Face of the Enemy

<p>&nbsp;</p><p>Three decades after Iran releas...

Clumsiness overshadows The Conspirator’s intrigue

<p>&nbsp;</p><p>Desperate times call for desper...

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All will offend you

<p></p><p>Graffiti declaring “Free Earl” has re...

Science on Screen expanding beyond the Coolidge

<p></p></p><p><span style="color: #000000;">Som...

Gabriel Kuri opens consumerist exhibit at ICA

<p><em>Sidney Dritz, Beacon Correspondent, cont...

Weirdo Records turns two

<p></p><p>The art of temporally arranged sound:...