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Keep calm and jedi on

Despite Marvel’s multiple rousing successes in theaters, I wasn’t entirely convinced it had anything to do with Disney itself.

Pitch Perfect was plentiful so leave your pretension

The secret no one tells you about art school is that it ruins your sense of perspective.

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Don’t Ctrl+Alt+Del online comics

Artists and storytellers no longer feel restricted by margins or static images or pages with which reader interaction is solely limited to removed observation rather than engagement.

Sorkin and Sexism in The Newsroom

Maggie’s just a girl trying to navigate her relationship and her job, not the thirteenth member of Pussy Riot.

Nothin’ wrong with a little nostalgia

I, like all the other lifelong fans of the series who sat with me in that advanced screening, had been watching American Reunion with Nostalgia Goggles. You know that languid haze you feel settle upon you when presented with a relic of your past?

Nice guys don’t always deserve to finish first

Since the dawn of the movie industry, romantic comedies have been telling us one thing time and time again: The nice guy always wins in the end.

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Film adaptations should sacrifice a little romance

Anyone who’s ever come within a 500-foot radius of me knows that I’m a foaming-at-the-mouth romantic with a finely tuned sexual tension radar.

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Oscar reviews: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo balances terror and grace

David Fincher’s unflinching film adaptation of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo has a little bit of absolutely everything, and is well worth its two and a half hour run time.

Finding some variety in gay TV relationships

Slowly but surely, gay TV characters of both sexes are gaining fleshed-out identities instead of one-dimensional stereotypes, with strong plot lines and story arcs unanchored to sexual orientation. And while this is all well and good, there are still a few kinks to be ironed out, specifically in the portrayal of the homosexual relationship.

Holy T&A, Batman!: Sexism in DC New Universe

Sex sells, even in comic books. So when DC Comics announced a reboot, the chances of our favorite female characters, heroes, and villains alike, escaping the restructuring unbludgeoned by the brutal bat of misogyny were slim.

Unaired pilot screening to showcase assistant prof.’s efforts

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