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In Mass., three strikes, you’re out

Due to lapses of judgment in reporting and editing, the op-ed published April 5 titled "In Mass., three strikes, you're out" by Beacon contributor Amelia Ashmall-Liversidge identified two sources by name as repeat criminal offenders. Though the information was taken on the record, Editor-in-Chief Alexander C. Kaufman, Managing Editor Carly Loman, and Opinion Editor Hayden Wright determined on April 23 that publishing names was inessential to the story, and pulled the piece to limit the risk of compromising sources.

Community garden would ensure rosy sustainability

The park is a public place for a reason — the people of Boston’s greater urban landscape need it, and it is for all of us to share. Emerson is an institution with its own community, which deserves to raise its own garden. If there were even a small plot of soil where students like me could grow just one flower, that land would mean more to us than the Common.