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Students find new way to pay tuition, one donation at a time

"Asking for money in any situation is a little embarrassing. There's some latent guilt when you realize that this is what it's come down to." -Junior Morgan Turner

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Travels with Benoit: Promos and production prompt crisscrossing summer

A bestselling nonfiction writer, Denizet-Lewis’ honest and inquisitive pieces about weighty issues like identity, religion, and addiction have recently propelled him to national renown.

Students receive job offers from Blue Jays Unlimited, Dreamworks

While graduation is swiftly approaching and Emerson seniors are eagerly preparing to enter their first full-time jobs, “do something you’re passionate about” has become a popular mantra.

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Shades of green: Emerson prepares for Earth day

"It wouldn't be a garden in one place but a garden in every place." -Campus sustainability coordinator Eric Van Vlandren

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Springing fashion back into the past

A few Emerson fashion aficionados have also attributed many of the popular upcoming spring styles to times past—throwbacks ranging from the later 1900s to our semi-recent childhoods.

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Playing dress-up and calling it work

Trends and Tolstoy, the personal blog of a book lover, tells you how to do just that, and provides readers with anything from fashion show coverage to step-by-step tutorials.

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November Project comes to campus

"It's very different from going to the gym. There's a ton of energy." — Marissa Shallcross, assistant director of career services

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Fraternity hosts professional summit for networking newbies

Zeta Phi Eta, Emerson’s only coed professional fraternity, launched its first Professional Summit on Sunday, Nov. 17 with the help of co-sponsors Career Services, on-campus marketing agency EmComm, and Google.

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Photographs shed light on Emerson students' stories

Boylston Street’s hustle and bustle is crawling with individuals eagerly rushing from classes to internships. Among the busyness, two students might emerge, requesting a picture and a brief interview to capture the creativity among the craziness. It’s all part of the new Facebook page, Humans of Emerson.

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First Transgender Awareness Week promotes "the authentic me"

As October’s Queer Awareness Month came to a close, some on-campus organizations, with help from the college, decided to continue the theme by hosting Emerson’s first Transgender Awareness Week, running from Nov. 4 to Nov. 8.

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Families conquer campus activites

More than 500 families registered to attend Family Weekend, which ran from Oct. 18 to Oct. 20.

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Student take on new sushi joint

With the opening of new sushi restaurant near campus, students review and react.

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Sorority hosts networking workshop for college community

Kappa Gamma Chi hosts first campus-wide professional event.

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Upcoming campus mag plans LGBT focus

VENT, which is planned to formally launch in December, will focus on a variety of topics such as news, art, music and fashion, according to Diaz.