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Trends and triumphs: A year’s worth of culture in review

From poignant protests on- and off-campus to the Facebook group Free and For Sale, a look at the trends that shaped Emerson's culture.

Cambridge a hub of culture and academia

There could be a little something for everyone in Cambridge—a city whose diversity presents itself through a combination of history, culture, academics, and arts.

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Off-campus living, on-campus appeal

In downtown Boston, entertainment is always a short walk away. The area is known not only for its commerce but also for places where people can explore, shop, and relax.

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The convenience and bustle of Fenway-Kenmore

"It gives me a lot of bragging rights, because I literally live in the closest possible building to Fenway." — Jamie Bishop, a junior visual media arts major

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The charm and cost of Beacon Hill

In Beacon Hill, every activity, from doing laundry to shopping for food, can come with an expensive price tag. But students who live there say it’s still worth it.

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Housing in Boston

As students begin the annual housing search, the Beacon is featuring a different Boston-area neighborhood each week—complete with pros and cons, nightlife prospects, and advice from current residents.

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Parties, bars, and rats abound in Allston

Although Emerson students who live in the neighborhood had some complaints, they said the area is still a good choice—and has the right price.

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Alumna shares struggle with anorexia at Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Her talk was part of the second annual Eating Disorder Awareness Week, hosted by Emerson’s chapter of Active Minds, which aimed to educate the college community and encourage those suffering to seek help.

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Through pageant, freshman hopes to promote gender equality

Gina Brazão, a freshman journalism major, is competing in this year’s Miss Boston and Miss Cambridge pageant on Feb. 8, aiming to shed light on gender equality with her platform promoting the United Nations initiative He For She.

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A look into Emerson's program in Valencia, Spain

"Don't have this ethnocentric idea that America rules other countries and be willing to let go of your culture a bit and learn other cutures." - Junior Maddie Rojas Lynch

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Emerson rises up against Ferguson jury decision

Members of the Emerson community are participating in protests and discussions after a Missouri grand jury decided not to bring charges against the white police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black teenager in August.

Emerson introduces new minor in digital media and culture

Discussions about the minor started in 2011, and professors say it will help students gain a greater understanding of the digital world and its influence on society,

Emerson LA Center wins architecture award

With its walls of windows and distinctive design, Emerson Los Angeles was named a “presidential honoree” by the American Institute of Architects, according to recent press release from the center’s structural design firm.

Clery Act reporting policies changed

The United States Department of Education published a set of amendments to the Jeanne Clery Act last month that require stricter policies for reporting stalking, sexual assault, domestic violence, and dating violence.

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Emerson disputes voluntary municipal payment sum

President M. Lee Pelton said what the college does pay is fitting based on the benefits that Emerson has provided to Boston, and because any additional payments to the city would reduce funding for academics.

Fisher College building haunted, report says

The Fisher College brownstone located at 118 Beacon St. doesn’t need decorations to be considered a haunted house this Halloween, according to CBS Boston.

Kevin Bright honored by Hollywood Caucus

The Caucus for Producers, Writers and Directors hosted an event on Oct. 22 in honor of Kevin Bright, who graduated from Emerson in 1976 and is now the Los Angeles center’s founding director.

Man charged for stabbing park rangers on Common

Bodio Hutchinson, 34, was charged with armed assault with the intent to murder; assault and battery with a dangerous weapon; and assault and battery on a public employee, at his arraignment Wednesday afternoon.

Local woman insults Boston students in viral video

A resident of Medford, Massachusetts, Kim Costa, came under fire earlier this month when she posted a video on her Facebook page insulting students returning to Boston this semester.

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After 51 years of teaching, Hollingworth feels ‘wiser than ever’

"I'm terribly paternalistic and I love my students and live through them vicariously." -J.E. "Ted" Hollingworth, communcations professor

Emerson professors research eye movement

Four Emerson professors have been using an eye tracker — a piece of equipment that not only projects images and movies but also records details pertaining to where the viewer is looking — to gain more knowledge about language and speech disorders.

Roy Leonard, alum of '52, dies

Remembered for his decades of work in Chicago radio, Emerson alumnus Roy Leonard passed away last Thursday at the age of 83 in Evanston, Illinois.

Class of 2014 selects senior gift, will raise money for scholarship

The class of 2014 voted to create a scholarship as this year’s senior class gift. The funds will be used to provide students with scholarships, financial aid packages, and opportunities in professional development, according Rachel Pearson, associate director of alumni relations.

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School of Communication receives $200,000 Davis Grant, plans to improve technology and curricula

Emerson’s School of Communication received a $200,000 grant in July for undergraduate programs, which it plans to allocate to faculty projects and an upcoming school-wide restructuring, according to Phillip Glenn, the interim dean of the school of communication.

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Media Services and Emerson Channel to move within Ansin building

Staff from the Media Services Center, which provides audiovisual equipment and technical assistance to the college, and the Emerson Channel, a student-run television station, will change locations within the Ansin Building during winter break, according to Bret Kulakovich, Emerson’s director of user services. The move will create more storage space, aid in equipment updates by getting rid of the outdated and allowing room for the new, and provide more classroom space for both organizations, he said.

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Ted Gup returns from sabbatical

After taking a year on sabbatical and coming back this semester to begin his fourth year at Emerson, former journalism department chair Ted Gup had some new insights to offer.

Communication professor takes students on trips across the globe

Before her visit over the summer, senior political communication major Siobhan Robinson said she didn’t know much about South Africa. But she said she did know that she didn’t want to miss a thing — including the airport runway.