Q&A: Softball's Kallista Leonardos on season

by Matt Case / Beacon Staff • April 13, 2017

Emerson’s softball team is 5-20 overall and 1-9 in the NEWMAC. With eight games remaining in the regular season, The Beacon spoke with starting catcher Kallista Leonardos to find out about the team morale and what the Lions have taken away from this year.

Berkeley Beacon: Apart from the wins and losses, how do you think the season is going?

Kallista Leonardos: I definitely think it’s having its ups and its downs. As a whole we do have a good group of girls who can accomplish a lot. We just have to make sure we are all setting our minds to accomplishing something.

BB: As you’re getting into the middle of NEWMAC games, what is the team focused on?

KL: Right now, the team is focused on playing game-by-game, and sort of the little victories. I think we’re more focused on, not our morale, but our intensity and our level of play—performing to where we can perform at and making sure that we still have the confidence that we can beat these teams in the NEWMAC.

BB: What is different this year?

KL: For this year, I do think that we have a very strong infield and outfield, although with [shortstop] Alena’s [Jones] injury it does hurt our outfield situation a little bit. Last year, it was a lot of freshmen in the field, and this year we’re sophomores, so getting that one year of experience under our belt definitely helps. We still are a very young team, with that being said. But I think that we will keep developing and progressing down the line.   

BB: What’s been the biggest accomplishment for your team this season?

KL: Our win against WPI on Sunday was huge. That was great—being mercy-ruled in the first game, then being able to find that energy and that drive to go back and just take it to WPI and riding that wave of emotion and inning-by-inning going neck and neck, and then coming out with the win was pretty sweet.

BB: Jackie DeFusco is leading the team in almost every statistical category. What can you say for her season?

KL: Jackie’s a beast right now … I think coming off her ACL tear, she was really hyped about this year. She didn’t really have many expectations for herself because she was coming off that injury, but I definitely think Jackie is leading the team well. Not even in the statistics category, but in being a team player.