Emerson studios become home to NEWMAC News

by David Leicht / Beacon Correspondent • February 18, 2016

Emerson College isn’t exactly known for its athletic teams. But while the school is more well known for its programs in communications and the arts, the community has a stronger sports fan base than meets the eye.

NEWMAC News, a student-run sports program that began filming at Emerson this school year, attempts to display how athletics affect New England Women’s and Men’s Athletic Conference colleges.

Freshman journalism students John Newton and Melanie Klucznik, along with alumnus and director of media relations for Emerson’s athletics department Matt Ulrich ‘13, have recently begun production.

The program celebrates achievements of standout student-athletes and coaches that participate in the conference.

Each episode has its own theme, ranging from sportsmanship, to leadership, to academic excellence, according to Newton. So far, there have been seven episodes produced.

Newton and Klucznik co-host the newscast, while Ulrich produces it. 

“[It] aims to promote school spirit and increase a sense of community through the NEWMAC teams,” Klucznik said.

Klucznik said the point of the broadcast is to highlight NEWMAC student-athletes and coaches who deserve to be recognized, and otherwise wouldn’t be receiving proper accolades beyond their locker rooms.

“There’s not enough student support [for athletics],” Klucznik said. “We’re trying to push the school in the right direction.”

The program can be found on the NEWMAC website, or on YouTube. Newton said that the show is intriguing because it reaches a much larger audience than simply the Emerson population.

For Newton and Klucznik, the show provides a unique broadcast experience that many of the nation’s undergraduate journalism students could only dream of having. 

“The segments are becoming more and more professional each month,” Newton said. 

Klucznik said the show used to be filmed in the Skybox above the Bobbi Brown and Steven Plofker Gym, but that production recently moved to a studio on the Emerson campus.

The broadcast will continue to be filmed every other Monday in the rest of the academic year.

Ulrich plays an essential role in the broadcast’s development, according to Newton and Klucznik. Having studied post-production at Emerson, Ulrich said he knows the ins and outs of what it takes to produce a high quality sports show. NEWMAC’s sports administration and communications department shot the first two episodes before Ulrich took over.

Ulrich said the NCAA requested that he send them each episode so they could post it on their YouTube and social media accounts. 

Ulrich said the show is crucial going forward because Emerson is typically known as an arts school which is, in his mind, simply not the case. 

“We’re here to prove that sports should be taken seriously too,” Ulrich said. “The NEWMAC should be on the map.”

Newton said that some of the coaches in the conference are extraordinarily qualified people, with some having served in past Olympics. 

Coaches have been featured more in the show than student-athletes so far, according to Newton.

The NEWMAC assistant director for administration and strategic communications, Jen Miller-McEachern, contributes by supervising the production.

Ulrich said that along with becoming more and more engaged with athletics, many of the scholars in the conference tend to be well-rounded and shine academically.

Newton, Klucznik, and Ulrich said they will continue to put together a show whose goal is to illustrate the positives that athletics can bring to a college campus.

Klucznik said that Emerson students should be more interested in the school’s sports teams.

“Although we’re typically considered an artsy school, sports are another way to display how we can express ourselves as individuals,” Klucznik said. “This show proves that.”