Fitness center beefs up over summer

by Connor Burton / Beacon Staff • September 26, 2013

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The Emerson Fitness Center added all new free weights
The Emerson Fitness Center added all new free weights

After a two-week undertaking that started this June and extended into July, Emerson College’s Fitness Center — located in basement of the Little Building has an all-new look, which includes an updated layout, freshly painted purple and gold walls, and improved equipment. 

“The fitness center now has a flow and is more accommodating,” said Macy Day, a junior marketing and communications major and a three-sport athlete in basketball, lacrosse, and tennis. “It’s more organized and has more defined workout spaces. It’s much better [than last year].”

Along with its new layout, the fitness center replaced almost all of its old equipment.

“About 90-95 percent of our equipment is brand new,” said Fitness Specialist Johnny Dunbar.

The center’s primary room has 12 new elliptical cardio machines, 12 new treadmills (both made by Life and Fitness), and a new set of IGX dumbbells.

The area formerly used for group exercise has been repurposed as the center’s primary lifting space, and now houses four new Hammer Strength powerlifting racks and one incline leg press machine.

The group fitness area, which is used for warming up, group programs such as yoga and Zumba, and mat exercises, was moved to the back section that was previously used for bench and bar workouts.

“The setup is a lot better,” said junior Tori Carriuolo, a visual media arts major specializing in television studio production. “The fact that they switched the weight room and the back room is great.”

Although Carriuolo said the renovations are a positive change, she still thought there are some improvements to be made.

“The lighting is a little gloomy and I wish they had different weighted bars,” said Carriuolo. “I'm used to putting weight on a 35-pound bar for Crossfit because the grip is a lot smaller. The part of the bar is so thick at the gym I can hardly grab it.”